$20 on fast food garbage..NOPE, $20 of REAL FOOD

I value my health, and body, so I spend money on my health and body.  I heard a recent stat that the average american spends 4% to 9.8% of income on food.  The majority of countries in the world rival that with as much as 70% of income being spent on food.  Quite a disparity, and very likely relates to the fact that most americans are fat as sh#t and eating cheap garbage.  So instead of  buying what would equate to 3 value meals at McDonalds, I bought some goods that will actually contribute to my health and well-being.  Again, I value my health and my body, and my actions, such as buying REAL food reflect my values.  FOOD MAKES ME HAPPY!


Raw Milk- commercial milk is absolute junk in my opinion.  This stuff is a bit expensive, but worth every penny.

Corn- corn on the cob with cayenne, salt, and coconut oil is the real deal

Cucumber-not a huge fan of cucumber, but i’ll slice it up on a salad, or make tzatziki

Bell Peppers

Kale- eat your greens!

Broccoli- for omelets

Radish (first time i’ve bought one… cooked it with a whole chicken.. pretty rad!)

Red Potatoes (baked, salted, and covered in coconut oil….. yeah, pretty serious)