Integrative Core Training.. Pushes and Pulls

Surfer Core Training.. Pushes and Pulls Baby!

I’ve been doing some work with surfing-waves.com and this is a new piece I just did for them. Integrative surfer core training that focuses on dynamic movements… pushes and pulls. Sweet sweet exercise goodness.

So much of surfing is rotational movement, and involves integrated chains of muscles. So, it would behoove you to train integrated chains of muscles…. yeah, that’s quite a revelation.

Head on over to surfing-waves.com and check out the full tutorial on Integrative Core Training.. Pushes and Pulls.

Here’s some throwbacks to a few older vids and articles that give you more insight into the MOST EFFECTIVE CORE TRAINING MOVEMENTS….. that surfers should be using.

Surfer Core Training… Lose The AB-workouts

 Surf Training… Fully Body Dynamic Movements

Cable Circuit Workout.. Full Workout

That’s a lot of stuff. A lot of good stuff. Try some of this stuff out.

If you’re getting a bit bogged down with all these exercises, then I can show you how to incorporate all of this into on simple to follow program. SURF TRAINING SUCCESS

Surf Training Success

This is an all inclusive Surf Fitness Training Program.

Performance Mobility Drill Programs, Recovery Secrets Soft Tissue Work (get rid of aches!), Months of designed surf fitness workouts, Durability Muscle Activations, Dynamic Core Training….. literally everything that you need to improve your surfing. You’ll like it, I totally guarantee.



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