Surfer’s Perfect Pushup – Progressions



Surfers Perfect Pushups – Progressions: All surfers can benefit from working on pushups, from increasing your core strength to improving stability of your shoulder girdle.  It’s a great exercise with a lot of potential, IF you are doing them properly.  Part 1 of the “Surfers Perfect Pushup” goes over proper form… which if you aren’t utilizing, you simply aren’t benefitting as much as you could, and are likely setting yourself up for an injury.  So once you nail down a perfect pushup, start integrating variations that match what you are training for.  If you’re trying to improve shoulder stability, perform your pushup with your hands on an indo board or airex pads (in video).  If you’re training to improve your pop-ups then work on explosive clap pushups to improve your power output.  Again, all this starts with first perfecting the pushup, and then getting fancy with them.

I’d love to hear what you think, or any pushup variations you’ve been using.

-Cris Mills

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  • […] It all starts with your ability to do a pushup. An absolutely perfect pushup. No head surf pushup sag, no low back sag, no wobbly arms. You want to do an old school, tight core, perfect spinal alignment pushup. Please give this a read – it’ll help. […]

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