WEAK!! What’s limiting your surfing?


What’s limiting your surfing?

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Next time you are in the water for an extended period of time, give some thought as to what parts of your body are troubling you. What areas are weak or hurting?

What portions of your body feel great with little or no fatigue? Any joints bothering your, or are you having trouble with endurance or breathing?

All these things can be trained to become more efficient. If you’ve got a specific joint problem going on, then perhaps that needs some intervention from a specialist.

But general fatigue, lack of conditioning, or muscle weakness can all be improved with proper training protocols.

Give some thought as to where you’re weak, and then get a program together to improve upon that limitation. If you’re having some trouble figuring out the best protocols for you, then get in touch with me and we can get you going.

I enjoy the hell out of being in the water, and it’s frustrating to have to get out of the water because your triceps are too weak to paddle any more.

So find out what’s limiting your surfing. Make your body stronger so that you can stay out in the water with improved performance…. and enjoy the hell out of your surfing.

-Cris Mills

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