Stronger Legs WILL Improve Your Surfing

Here’s a quick video for you guys. Two great movements, one advanced, one for beginners, to really improve not only your strength, but your stability as well. 

These would be great additions to the workout program you’ve already downloaded, or switch out the lateral lunges for a few reps of these Single Leg Squat variations.


Why is it important to get strong on a Single Leg?

As a surfer, your legs, and body are constantly dealing with dynamic forces generated from varying board movements depending on the slant of the wave face, air dropping, turning…. all the movements that make you a fly surfer. 

When your body is dealing with these non linear forces it is recruiting all sorts of muscles, constantly changing rates of muscle contraction, and continuously adapting itself to remain balanced. 

Working to get strong on a single leg is a step in the direction of training your body to deal with varying dynamic forces…. in the end making you more injury resistant, and simply stronger.

-Cris Mills

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