I thought you guys may enjoy seeing what I’ve been working on lately, my surf workout. This is a variation of what I’ve been into for the last few weeks.

I’ve got some specific issues I’ve been working with regard to a knee, which has been a real pain in the ass lately, and a shoulder that needs some more stability work.

I’ve got the jump-rope thing going for a bit of aerobic/anaerobic work, depending on speed, but also mix in a lot of foot movements and single leg hopping.

Great for foot and ankle strengthening as long as you don’t have big problems in the first place.

Some Bosu squats, slow tempo, for knee and foot stability work, and some leg endurance work for the extended time of the set. Some cable rows just to strengthen the back (good for paddling).

And I finish it off with some shoulder stability work. A great, quick workout, all with the intention of not only strengthening my body, but strengthening it for the purpose of surfing.


-Cris Mills

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