KB Circuit Training

 One piece of equipment, one hell of a workout.  Kettlebells. 

I’ve had several people asking for some Kettlebell surf workouts from the Surf Strength Coach Facebook page, so I finally got it together and filmed one.

A kettlebell can be a really great piece of training equipment…. But, as with any exercise, you’ve got to make sure your form is spot-on perfect.  KB’s really are a versatile piece of equipment and many KB exercises have a ton of functional carryover to surfing.  Strength, Power, Stamina, Endurance, Explosiveness…  all good stuff that you need in the surf, and that can easily be trained with a KB and some common sense. So take a look at the video, get some exercise ideas, and tweak your surf workout.

KB Circuit – A hell of a Surf Workout- Get you some!!!

In this KettleBell Surf Workout I use the following movements.

 KB Swing– trains lower body strength and power, core integration, speed and stamina depending on tempos and rest periods

Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press– trains single leg strength, core integration, shoulder strength

 1 Arm KB Bent Row – Back endurance, core integration, pulling strength (relevant to paddling)

 Plank Variations – trains core control, core integrative strength

In a recent post I touched on the some of the BIG movements needed in a well programmed Surf Workout or Surf Training program. Read that here…  Build Your Own Surf Training Program.    This KB circuit hits on the majority of those movements, using lower body strength and power, single leg work, core work, and unilateral (one-sided) pulling or pushing.  BAM….  a hell of a workout!

Get strong!  Use some quality workouts! Surf your ass off!