How To Surf Better: Episode 1

How To Surf Better

How To Improve Your Surfing: The endless ladder of surfing skill acquisition, it’s quite a climb!  We all want to improve upon how we interact with that beautiful energy of the ocean.

Myself and Twiggy Van Ryan, a good buddy of mine and one of the coaches on our Surf Coaching Trips, sit down, drink coffee, and answer random questions from all you legends out in internet land. We’re calling it Coffee & Surf Coaches.

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Keep an eye out for Episode 2 of Coffee & Surf Coaches coming soon, and a Surf Strength Coach Podcast just around the corner.

Better Surfing…. we’ve got the answers.

Watch the video here

Chat rundown:

0:50 – Foot Placement, how to fix them or correct positioning in order to do better turns

4:25 – How to generate speed using larger volume boards (the person asking the question is riding 41L

6:05 – What’s the best cardio to do outside of the water?

7:45 – Tips for gaining more speed when paddling.

12:20 – Proper protocol to do a water-bog, and where you can find a current leaf.

13:30 – What’s the technique for a Layback ?

15:50 – How to keep your shoulders and core loose and strong.

18:15 – Accelerating and Improving turns (technique-wise).

20:55 – Could Skateboarding improve your surfing skills?

23:11 – How do you throw a schtingle around?

23:30 – What should a beginner focus on first? Mobility or Paddling?

26:40 – Good food for recuperation after a long session.

30:00 – Post Shoulder Surgery, when is the right time to get back in the water?

31:10 – Emphasis on the back foot during a turn or hack… extend or knee bend?

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