Massage Guns: What You Need To Know

Massage Guns… Are they worth the $$? and how to use them?

I’m trying to think of how to type the sound I make when my back gets massage gun’d.


Yeah, that’s probably about it or somewhere in that ball park.

The sound of pleasure, and vibratory wave forms reverberating through my rib cage and affecting the sound of outpouring air through my vocal chords.

The bottom line about massage guns: They Feel Good!

I’ve been getting asked fairly frequently about massage guns:

  • How to use them?
  • Are they worth it?
  • Should I buy one?

If you want to hear my take on massage guns, watch the video I just made. Your questions shall be answered!

Massage Guns – Surf Recovery

Here’s the quick rundown:

  • They feel good… I’ve already said that but I’m strongly reiterating that point.
  • If you have the $$ find one that fits your budget.
  • They’re not magic. It won’t suddenly make pain go away, but it is another tool in the toolbox to help you look after yourself.
  • You can’t massage your own back with them, and that’s a bummer. Good luck convincing your partner to stand over you for 10 minutes holding a massage gun on your back while you drool on the floor.

Shout out to the Surf Academy Legends: Keep an eye out in the Follow Along Stretch Routine section for a Massage Gun Tutorial on my personally most used techniques.

If you’re not a Surf Athlete PRO member yet, you can join here: Take Your Surfing And Fitness To The Next Level And Be A Surf Athlete PRO

I reckon with a tennis ball, Theracane (check my recent Instagram post to see what that is), and a Massage Gun, you can get down with some wonderfully legit self care.

I took a few beatings at a beachy this morning and my neck is a bit tweaky. Massage gun to the posterior shoulder and theracane to the neck, I’m gonna be feeling GOOD while watching some Netflix later tonight. Shadow & Bone is somewhat keeping my attention lately….

Anyways, I hope the video gives you some insight, answers a few of your questions, and helps you take care of your body.



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