Which Posture Are You?

Kyphotic posture…  check out the picture, the image on the right is a pretty severe thoracic spine kyphosis, and unfortunately damn near your average american.  As I’ve discussed in a previous postsurfer’s shoulders, this posture will wreak havoc on your shoulders, literally tearing up tissue when you’re out paddling for extended periods of time.  So how can you start correcting this posture.  Stretch!!  But you need to be smart about your stretching, and specifically stretch the muscles that are tight, causing you to stand like a caveman.  You need to start stretching out your flexor chain: psoas, rectus femoris, SCM, rectus abdominis, and several other muscles along the front portion of your torso.  Stretching Pec. major, Pec. minor, subscapularis, and anterior deltoid are gonna have to happen at some point also, along with your lats and a smaller muscle teres major… but we can get to those at another point.  So if you are at all interested in improving your shoulder/paddling performance, and not walking around with terrible posture, work on the stretch shown in the video.