FREE Surf Training Program

I want to give you the tools to improve your surfing through exercise, movement, and nutrition.

Get more out of your time in the water and take advantage of your surfing every chance you get.

Through Surf Strength Coach, my goal is to get rid of all the garbage and non-sense of the fitness and nutrition field and give you the most efficient and useful information so you can boost your surfing, fitness, and health.   I want to help you build a stronger body specifically for surfing, over come your weaknesses or pain, and build a durable and athletic body so you can keep doing what you love…. surfing.

Weak Paddling?  Too stiff to move quickly and freely?  Upcoming surf trip that you’re not in shape for?  Not enough endurance and energy from eating too much garbage food?  Lacking strength and speed for faster and sharper surfing?  Back pain irritating your in the water?

These issues are exactly what I want to help you with, and Surf Strength Coach provides you with loads of the best information for you to deal with the stuff that is limiting your enjoyment and time in the ocean.

Like you, I’m a freak when it comes to surfing…  it’s easily in the top of my life priorities.  I’ve struggled with pain issues, injuries, and limitations, and have helped countless other surfers overcome similar issues.  I’ve devoted my life to helping surfers improve their bodies so they can get more out of their surfing, deal with injuries to get back into the surf, and help them improve their health so they can keep doing what makes them happy, surfing.  I’ve studied with some of the best health, fitness, and rehab practitioners in the world, and focused that work to help surfers.  Through strength and conditioning, manual therapy and massage, corrective exercise, and nutritional coaching, I help surfers deal with the issues that are keeping them from getting the most out of their time and interaction with the ocean.

Become more flexible, improve your strength and speed, clean up your nutrition, take care of your body, and surf!

– Cris Mills

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