Surf Fitness

Home Surf Training – Corona Lockdown

Surf Workouts at Home Does Corona have you on lockdown? If so, here’s a bunch of workouts you can do from home. Yeah, a Netflix binge is good here and there (Tiger King is mental!), but this downtime is also a great opportunity to stay on top of your fitness. Assuming you’ve got kids, and […]
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Pillars of Surf Fitness and I’m on a Podcast!

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed, and be on a podcast. My voice, and your ears… what a combination. There’s some good stuff in there and I hope you can gleam some insight. Please let me know what you think! The Pillars of Surf Fitness Interview with “We all want to perform better when we surf, from the groms […]
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Performance Surfing Fitness and Pro Surf Workout Programs Part 2

Surfing Workouts “The potential exercises that could be used for “surf fitness training” are endless. The goal however should focus on improving the movement capacity of the human body in movement patterns that are relevant to surfing, and then to also improve the necessary energy systems.  Exercises must be specific to the individual, his weaknesses, […]
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