Mobility Exercises

Movements and Exercises used to develop free and fluid movement

Dynamic Surfer Stretches – Full Warmup

A Full Sequence of Mobility Dills & Dynamic Surfer Stretches. It’ll Help You Move Fluidly. Movement: Dynamic flexibility, the capacity to be mobile through joints, and to move with ease, control, and strength. It’s pretty relevant to this whole surfing thing we take part in. It’s not going to suddenly make you rip, but it’s a […]
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Surfer Hip Stretches

Get Your Hips Moving – Here’s 3 Key Hip Stretches The hip joint is structurally designed to move. Modern living, lack of movement, seated postures, these things over time severely restrict your hip joint motion. Desk Jockeys, Older Guys, People that are always really stiff…. Work on this stuff. Your hip needs to be able to […]
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Dynamic Surfing Stretches

Dynamic Surfing Stretches.. Get Dirty Loose! This is gonna be a short post. The main takeaway is that you should warmup before you surf. It really is that simple. It Does My Head In when I see totally out of shape, terrible posture, I’m stuck at a desk looking dudes just do an arm-swing or […]
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