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My mission is to help you improve your body so you can improve your surfing. Read below for my most recent articles covering the foundations of Surfing-Athleticism: movement, exercise, and nutrition.  Improve your body and improve your surfing.  Become stronger, more durable, and more flexible.

Surf Training – Paddle Workout

 PADDLE LONGER, HARDER, FASTER How much would your surfing benefit if you could paddle for longer times without fatigue or a need for rest.  Couldn’t you catch some more waves if you had more powerful strokes, and stronger strokes? How …Read more

Surfer Core Strength-Must Do Move

RENEGADE ROWS What movements are in your Surf Training workouts?  Do you even include movements that are surf movement specific, or surf exercises that are going to help you build a more efficient body?  Get rid of the fluff in …Read more

Surf Training – Circuits

Fast, Efficient, Stronger Surf Bodies Surf Training, Surf Circuit training…………..   a good workout in a short amount of time.  Piece together some surf  exercises that focus on the relevant movements we as surfers need to be strong and powerful, and …Read more

Surf Workout Program

How Are You Surf Training? Is your workout benefitting your body?  Are your surf workouts benefitting your surfing? Implement movements that will strengthen your body for the movements necessary in surfing.  Utilize surf exercises that will strengthen your areas of weakness …Read more

Surf Workout – 30 Minutes In The Park

SURF WORKOUT CIRCUIT– GET OUTSIDE! Get outside, get some sun, and get in a quick workout that will help your surfing and your body.  Check out the video for exercise directions. Active Warmup- loosen up joints, get your glutes active, open up your …Read more

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