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Surf Core

The central point of the musculoskeletal system, where force is produced and transmitted to the extremities.

Core Training for Surfers – High Performance Foundations

 Foundations of Core Training for Surfers- Basics before High Performance Core Training for surfers!!!…… get some ripped abs!!!… Aagggghhhh! Yeah, maybe you’ll get some abs, but what you should focus on is spinal stability and pelvic control, and then progressing into high speed rotational work. What I see too often is guys hopping right into […]
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TRX Surf Workout – Suspension Trainer

TRX Surf Workout – Get Some Straps How Absurd Is This Picture Oooooooohhhhh!!! Workout straps. Suspension training is all the rage in some training facilities, with some people doing some damn silly stuff on them. But in all seriousness, get some workout straps, they’re great for those of you that travel, and it’s always nice to […]
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Surfer Core Exercises

Surfer Core Exercises – Lose the “Ab” Workout Yep, that’s a pic of the Situation and his abs. I’ve never met the guy, don’t really care to, but he probably would be funny to party with, just once for story-sake. He also appartently came out with a protein infused vodka. Anyways… let’s move onto core & […]
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Strong Legs Strong Core SuperSet

Stronger Legs-Stronger Core-Stronger Surfing Legs Core Surfing: I’m all about supersets… essentially combining exercises that focus on different muscle groups. This is just really time effective and allows for a greater energy expenditure, so you’re not only getting a good workout and getting ripppppeeeddddd, but also building some endurance. Saving time, getting in quality movement […]
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