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My mission is to help you improve your body so you can improve your surfing. Read below for my most recent articles covering the foundations of Surfing-Athleticism: movement, exercise, and nutrition.  Improve your body and improve your surfing.  Become stronger, more durable, and more flexible.

Surfer Nutrition – Most Nutrient Dense Foods

Surfer Nutrition – Most Nutrient Dense Foods- Get Them Into Your Diet! I strongly urge my clients, my family, and all of you reading this to consider the food you choose to put into your body.  In this article you’ll …Read more

Top Shoulder Stretches for Surfers

My Go-To Top Shoulder Stretches for Surfers I can’t stress this enough, especially for men (men tend to be less flexible than women), that you absolutely need to maintain proper flexibility of the upper body.  You gotta’ keep your shoulders …Read more

Breath Training for Surfers

Breath Training for Surfers with B.E.T. B.E.T. – Breath Enhancement Training Nam Baldwin is a smart guy, and has so much professional experience it’s astounding. If the worlds’best surfers are learning from the guy, then I’m without a doubt going …Read more

Core Training for Surfers-High Performance Foundations

 Foundations of Core Training for Surfers- Basics before High Performance Core Training!!!……   get some ripped abs!!!…  Aagggghhhh! Yeah, maybe you’ll get some abs, but what you should focus on is spinal stability and pelvic control, and then progressing into …Read more

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