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My mission is to help you improve your body so you can improve your surfing. Read below for my most recent articles covering the foundations of Surfing-Athleticism: movement, exercise, and nutrition.  Improve your body and improve your surfing.  Become stronger, more durable, and more flexible.

Surf Exercise – How To Train Your Core

Part 2 – Rotational Exercise “CORE STRENGTH!!!!”  I hear this all the time, and see ab gimmicks, and people wasting their time with countless crunches.  You’re a surfer!  Train your body to become strong at surfing! Train your abdominals/ core …Read more

World Record Wave

That Wave Is Massive So it seems that there’s a new contender for an officially surfed world record wave.  Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara surfed what some are touting as a 90ft wave off the coast of portugal. That thing …Read more

Best Surfer Core Exercise

CORE EXERCISE FOR SURFERS I want to show you one of the best surfer core exercises……   but first a small amount of preaching.   “Core” is a word that gets way too much abuse in the fitness industry, and proper ways to …Read more

Carrot Salad

This is quick, easy, and so damned healthy! Food Nerd Rant: This carrot salad not only tastes good, but has some extremely beneficial properties that can help you improve your overall health.  If you’re interested as to how it can …Read more


CORE STRENGTH FOR THE SURFER Part 1.  You’ve Got To Be Stable Do you want to throw down some heavy turns and powerful cutbacks?  Well how strong is your core?  The rotational power and strength needed for throwing out buckets …Read more

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