If You Want Expert Insight to Improve Flexibility, Detailed Stretching Techniques,
and a Method to Stay Out of Pain, This Program Will Give You the Tools to Do That.

Improve & Restore
Dynamic Flexibility

Target Key Areas of
Tension & Limitation

Help Eliminate
Pain and Stiffness


Here’s What’s Included in Surf Training Success…

6 Full Step-by-Step Workout Videos

There’s nothing worse than trying to get a good workout, and forgetting how to do a movement properly…. because if you’re not performing it properly than you’re putting yourself at risk for injury and not getting the functional carryover to surfing!

These Exercise Picture Manuals are another guide to ensuring you perform every single workout as perfectly as possible, and take all the confusion out of your training. Here’s What You Get…..

Surf Training Success Workout Templates

These are the tools that guide your workouts, track your progress, and remove the guesswork from your workouts. Have confidence knowing you are doing the best possible workout..

You’ll recieve 6 Professionally designed Workout Templates. These templates are designed to be printed out, and used to guide you through this surf-fitness program. I give you one Workout Template for each of the 6 Surf Training Programs within Surf Training Success.

These Exercise Templates give you all the Highly Important workout details for every single workout, including the Critical Details of a workout that Dictate how your body specifically benefits. Training for endurance is far different from training for strength or power, so stop making those mistakes!

6 Full Step-by-Step Workout Videos

Phases of training are critical to focus on specific training goals and laying the foundations for you to be a better surfer. Each of the 3 Phases of training has 2 Full Workout Programs, so you can alternate programs and develop an athletic surf-body as quickly as possible.

Each of the 6 Workout Programs has a Complete, Step-by-Step, Follow-Along workout video, that guides you through the entire program. I give you the specific details of every single exercise, stretch, and movement, as well as directions on how to maintain proper form, and variations of each movement.

It’s as if I’m training you one-on-one, but without the price tag that would buy you a new surf-board. These videos take all the guess work out of the program, and make sure you are having the best possible workout, every single time.

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But There Are Still More… These Are the Secrets that I’ve Learned From Working For Years With the World’s Leading Fitness and Rehab Professionals

Surf-Fit Performance Mobility Drills

Slow Static Stretching is likely slowing you down in the surf… Learn the industry secrets to creating fluid movement and full body dynamic flexibility.

Surf-Fit Recovery Secrets

You’ve Got To Have Healthy Muscles and Tissue… Find the Secrets to Innovative Do-it-Yourself Soft-Tissue Work, so You Can Deal With Your Own Aches, Restore Lost Movement, Open up Restricted Joints, and just Feel Good!

Essential Shoulders – Surfers Shoulders

Face it, if you’re shoulders are giving you issues, can you ever really get the most out of your surfing? …. Nope! A healthy, strong, and mobile upper body is absolutely necessary to paddle as long and hard as you need to, and to just enjoy being out in the surf.

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Instructional Videos
& PDF Manuals


  • Over 2.5 hours of Instructional Videos and PDF Manuals
  • Learn How to Restore, Improve, and Maintain Athletic Flexibility
  • Improve your surfing forever! This Program Will drastically change the way you move
  • Improve Your Posture, Help Reduce Joint Pain, and Just Move Better!
  • With 10-15minutes Per Day, You Can Drastically Improve Your Movement Ability
  • A Systematic Approach to Quickly Increase Your Flexibility, Undo Chronic Tensions, and Eliminate Pain

Meet The Guy Who’s Trying To Help Your Surfing…

Cris Mills

Performance Coach, Massage Therapist, CHEK Practitioner

My name is Cris Mills, I operate, and work with people that want to improve their health, movement, and performance, and it’s usually so they can surf better. On a daily basis I help people and surfers train from rehab to performance. I know what a surfer needs to do to keep themselves in the ocean, and have been spreading that information through my various work online.

mproving your surfing requires improving the foundations of movement and athleticism. Flexibility is a key part of that process. I wanted to give surfers an easy resource to improve their flexibility, help to eliminate pain, and simply move and feel better.

urfing in pain sucks as well, and I’ve done it, and I’m sure most of you have as well. Surfers, athletes, people, we all need to work on body maintenance, and help keep ourselves out of pain. This program will help teach you how to do this.

I aim to change the way physical preparedness is dealt with for surfing, and combine everything I have learned, and continue to learn, to help improve surfers body so they can stay involved with the ocean.

The Entire Program - Only $37.00 - Get Started Today