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12 Weeks. All-Inclusive

"Highly Effective TRAINING PROGRAM That Delivers Results You'll Feel in the Ocean..."

4.99 (335 reviews)
One time payment. Lifetime access

Radically Enhance Your Surfing by Improving Your Body

Move Fluidly, Athletically, & Powerfully.
Build dynamic strength & endurance that carries over to your movement in the ocean.
Prepare your body for what your surfing & the ocean demand.
Workouts and Stretch routines that help you move like a surfer needs to.
Build a stronger and more mobile body so you're not limited in the surf.
Improved endurance, shoulder health, dynamic flexibility, core strength, and more.

Discover a Surf-Specific Training Program that Builds "Surf Athleticism"

Enhance Your Surfing & Unlock Your Potential by Building a Body That

Surf fluidly, and powerfully without bodily restrictions.
Spend more time in the water and catch more waves!
Proven powerful exercise deliver noticeable results in less time
Work on the Skill & Art of Surfing more easily when your body isn't limited, take the brakes off your surfing.


12 Weeks of Simple & Effective Training to Support Your Surfing

You're a Surfer
So You Are an Athlete
No Matter Your Age or Skill

Improve Your Surfing by Building the Foundations that Surfing Requires from Your Body.

Skill & Art of Surfing

Endurance, Flexibility Strength, Power, Durability

Joint Mobility, Breath, Mindset, Health

Art & Skill
Better surfing is built with time in the water, developing the Art & Skill of Surfing.  This is technical and coaching aspect of surfing. 
Performance Aspects
Strength, Power, Endurance, & Flexibility are the base that allows you to effortlessly work on the "skill" and technique of surfing.
Surf Foundations
The Fundamental requirements for the body so that it can function optimally in the ocean.


Workouts, Paddle Training, Enhanced Posture, Improve Flexibility, Joint Durability, and Surf Fitness

Phase 1


Build Fitness That Supports Your Surfing This is your introduction to true “surf-fitness”. Drills to improve your fluid mobility, Cardio to build your Endurance Engine, Workouts that Develop Dynamic Strength. This is Movement, Training, and Fitness Designed Specifically for Surfers.


Discover Your Limitations and How to Improve Them
Learn Training Protocols that Actually Carry Over to Your Surfing.
Introduce a Program That Will Forever change Your Approach to Fitness


Increase Flexibility with Dynamic Flow Sequences
Lay down the Foundations of Durability around the Hips and Shoulders
Develop Your Cardio Routine for those Endless Padde-Outs


It’s time to start ramping up volume and intensity of training with a focus on Quality & Efficiency of Training
Build Functional Strength in Preparation for Power and Explosive Movements in later stages


Habits Have now been built for a lifetime of improved movement… because surfing IS movement.
You’ve changed how you move and prepped your body for new stages of training and surfing potential

Phase 2


Challenging and shockingly effective strength, flexibility, and endurance workouts. Develop higher intensity cardio and endurance for heavier surf sessions and never gassing out. Build flexibility to new levels of fluid movement & Surfing. Strength Development that is tailored for surfers that need to be quick, coordinated, agile, and fit. Enhanced durability for longevity in the surf.


New Drills, New Workouts, New Exercises, improving how you feel and how you move in the ocean.
Progressive training to deepen your understanding of what performance training for surfers truly is.
Challenging workouts with a focus on building overall health, for the longterm.


Dynamic Flow Sequences that not only make you feel damn good, but challenge your core strength and flexibility. 
Cardio sessions that simulate the energy demands of more challenging surf.
Workouts that integrate surf specific strength and flexibility.


New levels of fitness and dramatically improved physical abilities.
Continue to undo what neglect, age, or wear and tear has done to your body.
Recovery routines that teach you how to look after yourself, for decades of high caliber surfing. 


You’ll be impressed and surprised at how far you’ve come by this point!
Awareness and true understanding of what you NEED for improved surfing performance
Push past previous boundaries and explode into new levels of performance training.

Phase 3


This is professional level training that you’ve accessed through smart, efficient, and well planned progression. As soon as you feel the first workout, you’ll immediately know why you’ve trained to get here! This IS training for surf performance. This is how you’ll train for the REST of your life. This is training that prepares you for the rigors of surfing and endless fun in the ocean.


Full body training that prepares you for decades of surfing at any level.
You’ve progressed to a level of training that truly supports surfing skill.
You won’t fall for surf-fitness gimmicks ever again because you’ve built a library of training knowledge


This isn’t stretching, these are Dynamic Flow Routines that challenge your core, hips, spine, and shoulders. 
As a surf you need to move quickly and powerfully. This is training that supports that, and improves fluid movement. 
This isn’t crossfit that just smashes you… this is high performance training that enhances your life output. 


The best endurance you’ve felt in the water because of this final stage of cardio training.
You will see an feel vast differences, even off the water.


Appreciate the full-body changes that make surfing more fun, easier, and safer.

The Surf Athlete
has been Pumping...

4.99 out of 5 stars

335 reviews

  1. Leon M.

    Leon M. (verified owner)

    Love your work mate.

    Downloaded your value bundle of Surf athlete, perfect pop up and stretches for surfers. I’ve been using your perfect pop up program with the cardboard surfer from OMBE for about 2 weeks.

    I wish I’d started using your paid programs straight away as I could feel the difference immediately. Had a couple of surfs in fun waves about a week into some training and could feel the difference.

    Last week was a bit of a slack week training wise. I’m a bit time poor sometimes with 3 young boys and running my own business.
    Being 42 years old, working in construction and having pre – existing sports injuries you could say that my body was in bad shape.

    I’ve also started surfing at about 21 so didn’t come as easily as learning as a child. I first came across some free content from you on surf line during the first Covid lockdown last year.

    I found the exercises and the stretches challenging and had been trying to do some daily and could really feel the difference. All the fine details that you explain with each exercise really help with getting the most out of them, activating the targeted areas and how to avoid injury with correct movement.

    I’m going to go back to the start and taking it slow to make sure that I’ve got the perfect pop up and cardboard surfer nailed. Once I’ve worked through that I’ll jump into the surf athlete program.

    Feeling optimistic about a better surfing future and general sense of physical well being.

    Keep up the great work!

    Rating :

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  2. Mindi R.

    Mindi R. (verified owner)

    The best investment!

    The Surf Athlete program is the best investment I have made outside the water. As a longtime strength athlete, the training in Cris’ program is different from anything else I’ve seen. No corny moves that look IG cool but don’t help your surfing… all of the moves are LEGIT, and one reason I am able to progress in my surfing as an advanced beginner.

    Rating :

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  3. Silvia Jelitto J.

    Silvia Jelitto J. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for your work!

    I am learning to surf and at my age of 58 the confidence in own abilities is not as it used to be when you are 16. (surprise) I was told to get a surfskate to be abel to practise even living in a landlocked Location. i bought your program and are making my first steps with it. I learned so much it is unbelivable. I just love to watch the videos and seeing the examples i can visualise what you explain. and best of all i can try it out with my skate and can feel it. I know my surfing will be a million times better the next time i have an opportunity to surf .

    Rating :

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  4. Winnie v.

    Winnie v. (verified owner)

    A solid 9 out of 10 for this program!

    I kust finished week 1 and so far I really like the program. There is plenty of variability so it won’t get boring! Love it.

    I give this program a solid 9! Very happy customer:)

    Rating :

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  5. Brett T.

    Brett T. (verified owner)

    Learned how my body should be moving

    Love this app and the content. Cris breaks it down so well and explains everything in a clear and easy to understand way . It has helped me gain mobility and a better understanding of how I should be moving my body. I only started learning to surf at age 40 and am now 43 but via the app Cris has been a massive help and inspiration. I’ve loved the journey. Thanks mate

    Rating :

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  6. Mathew A.

    Mathew A. (verified owner)

    Bloody awesome and the whole product is well put together!

    Previously I had been doing the odd yoga, gym and running sessions in preparation for the winter season. Then when I’ve felt slower and stiffer each year I simply put it down to age.
    Using the Surf Athlete has put consistency, structure and purpose into my training. I already feel as agile and fit as I did 10 years ago and can’t wait for swell season to come.
    The app is very well laid out, exercises are clearly explained (with reasoning why included) and the follow up by Cris great.
    Highly recommended for all ages and abilities.!

    Rating :

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Is Your Body Holding Back Your Surf Progression?

Discover a training program that builds, improves, and restores surf athleticism.
Fluid, strong, powerful movement you can surf!
Workouts, flexibility routines, and more
To enhance or restore your ability to move in the manner a surfer needs to.
Build strength & fluid power that carries over to the surf.
Develop a body that can gracefully work on the skill & art of surfing.

The Entire Program
Get Started Today!

Access Your Training
Wherever You Are 24/7

Download all Videos and Access them Offline

Our fast, easy to use and secure app lets you access your account wherever you need it.

Would a stronger & more flexible body help you to enjoy your time in the ocean?

Get the most out of your time and effort towards improving your body.
Train using professionally designed workouts so you truly benefit & improve.
Build fitness that carries over to how you feel, and how you move in the surf!


Breath Work

What you'll Learn in this Breath Work Program could literally save your life.

Discover the Essential Breath Work Protocols to enhance your focus, calm your heart rate, build confidence in heavy water situations, and boost your overall performance.
Breath is a critical and valuable tool that you will learn to influence your physiology, health, performance and truly impact your surfing.
In this series of 10 Breath Work videos, and well over an hour of content, you'll learn the fundamentals of breath-work. You'll discover the methods I've learned from leaders in the field, and the tools I teach clients every day.  From the basics of optimising your breathing to breath hold training.
The methods you'll implement are some of the most efficient breath training out there.  This series of training is an incredible starting point to understanding how to use your breath to impact your health and surfing. Apply these methods to your life, your surfing, your training, and your recovery.


Paddling Endurance Workouts

Most of your time in the water isn’t spent surfing, it’s spent paddling.

Implement these specific paddle training workouts and boost your endurance in the surf.  Less flailing and fatigue, and more strong paddle strokes and waves. 
For individuals that don’t surf frequently
The inherent physical requirements of surfing (mostly paddling), cause quick fatigue and potential frustration. I want to help you build your “work capacity”. If you can't paddle you can't surf. That's frustrating and straight-up annoying. You can fix that, and these workouts will do just that.
Long and Endlesly
Your ability to sustain long duration paddle outs, the ability to endlessly move your arms, duck dive repeatedly, hold your breath, and then keep on paddling. These workouts will focus on not only creating a more robust and durable upper body, but also help to give you a buffer of endurance and paddling capacity.


  • Elastic Resistance Bands
  • Olympic Rings or Suspension Trainer
  • Exercise Ball (inflatable)
  • Foam Roller or Tennis Balls
  • A few Dumbbells or Kettlebells



Olympic Rings

Suspension Trainer

Exercise ball

Foam roller

Full circle resistance band (1-inch width)

Two tennis balls duct-taped together

Want To See A List of Equipment Recommendations?  Click Here: EQUIPMENT LISTS

With the equipment listed above, you can train 100% of the program, and have a fully stocked home-gym for life! 

At MIMIMUM, you'll need an exercise ball, and Olympic Rings or Suspension Trainer. You'll need the rings or suspension rig to train pulling's kind of relevant to the whole paddling thing!

A cheap set of resistance bands can go a long way and opens the opportunity for paddling work, shoulder durability training, and core training.

Light dumbbells can be substituted with soup cans or bottles of water.  Loading the shoulder musculature for paddling endurance doesn't take much weight, so water bottles can be easily used. 

Kettlebells or some heavier dumbbells are recommended so you can apply load and resistance to the lower body exercises.  A strong lower body is durable and leads into Power Training.

12-Week Training Program
Get Started Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to the program forever?
Yes! Once you purchase the program you will get lifetime access and discounts on new programs.
What Equipment do I need?
All you will need for this program is:
  • Elastic Resistance
  • Bands Olympic Rings or Suspension Trainer
  • Exercise Ball (inflatable)
  • Foam Roller or Tennis Balls
  • A few Dumbbells or Kettlebells
Can beginners do the program?
Absolutely, there are alternative and progressive movements for each level.
How is the program delivered to me?
This is a digital program intended to be downloaded to your mobile device so you always have it with you during your workouts. Once you join the Surf Athlete Training Program, you will receive access to the entire program. Download everything and it’s yours forever.
Why Is Equipment Required?
There are basic equipment requirements for this training program, but with these basic tools you'll be able to train effectively for years to come.  To train efficiently in the movement patterns that carry over to surfing, applied resistance is required.  Take paddling for example, it's a pulling movement, so various forms of pulling need to be trained to develop endurance and durability.  

A set of Olympic Rings, elastic resistance bands, or some light kettlebells will allow for a vast array of pulling exercises to ramp up your paddling endurance.  Much of the Rotational Core work requires either an Exercise Ball or Resistance Bands.  Developing strength and power for the lower body requires the addition of resistance so a Kettlebell becomes quite beneficial.  

Training with weights or resistance won't make you into a meathead or overly bulky.  What it will do is help you to develop a stronger and more capable body.  If you don't have all the equipment right away, no worries.  For nearly all exercises there are alternative movement options if you don't have that particular piece of equipment
Refund Policy
All purchases made on our website, or via the Surf Strength Coach app platform are NON-REFUNDABLE.  We proudly stand by our work, programs, and training protocols, and you can readily view the numerous testimonials regarding our programs if you are unsure of the quality of our work. Due to the downloadable nature of our programs, and considerations of Intellectual Property, refunds will not be granted for any training programs or educational programs.
How to Download the Program?
Programs within the Surf Athlete can be downloaded so you can access them offline.

Program content is downloaded to within the app. Separate files are not downloaded to your phone or laptop. Files are saved within the app itself, so they can be accessed offline.

This function works for the web app on your desktop / laptop, and also the phone app.

What Category Are You?

Beginner Surfers

This training will enhance your durability, promote injury prevention, and introduce high level dynamic training.

Intermediate Surfers

You're climbing the skill ladder of surfing, and the last thing you want is for your body to limit your progression. Improve your flexibility, enhance paddling endurance, and build strength so you can effortlessly work on the skill of surfing when you get in the water.

Advanced Surfers

You need time in the ocean, and as much time on the wave face as possible. If you've started surfing you've felt the physical demand required from the body. This program will build the fundamentals that a surf-body requires. Get in the water and rest assured you'll be able to surf as long as the waves permit.

Have you already been working out?

Perfect! This program will show you what high-quality training for surfers truly looks like.
This workout will guide your understanding of "surf fitness" for years to come. As you complete all 3 Phases (12 weeks) of training, you'll come away with a thorough understanding of dynamic exercises that you will implement for as long as you surf.

Have you never worked out before?

That's perfect! You're a blank slate, so this program will teach you efficient and effective methods of surf specific training.
The program will give you exercise regressions, smart starting points, and teach your perfect technique. You'll learn exercises and movements that you can use for the rest of your life.

Online Surf Training Workouts for
less than a fitness class a week

  • Surf fluidly, and powerfully.
  • Spend more time in the water.
  • Enhance your surfing by Improving your body
$7.4 a week


Cris Mills

Performance Coach, Massage Therapist, CHEK Practitioner

My name is Cris Mills, I operate, and work with people that want to improve their health, movement, and performance, and it’s usually so they can surf better. On a daily basis I help people and surfers train from rehab to performance. I know what a surfer needs to do to keep themselves in the ocean, and have been spreading that information through my various work online.

Improving your surfing requires improving the foundations of movement and athleticism. Flexibility is a key part of that process. I wanted to give surfers an easy resource to improve their flexibility, help to eliminate pain, and simply move and feel better.

Surfing in pain sucks as well, and I’ve done it, and I’m sure most of you have as well. Surfers, athletes, people, we all need to work on body maintenance, and help keep ourselves out of pain. This program will help teach you how to do this.

I aim to change the way physical preparedness is dealt with for surfing, and combine everything I have learned, and continue to learn, to help improve surfers body so they can stay involved with the ocean.


(335 customer reviews)


12 Week All Inclusive Highly Effective Training Program That Delivers Results You’ll Feel in the Ocean. Radically Enhance Your Surfing by Improving Your Body with Workouts and Stretch routines that help you move like a surfer needs to.

333 reviews with a 5-star rating

  1. One person found this helpful
    Evan B.

    Evan B. (verified owner)

    Helped me get strong and mobile

    Loved the program, I’m a kite boarder and couldn’t find anything that would translate well. Love how much functional and mobility work is built in. In 3 months I felt my body change and I was visibly more confident on the water. Can’t wait to see what programs be builds next.

    Rating :

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  2. One person found this helpful
    Samuele F.

    Samuele F. (verified owner)

    Surfer path.

    You can join the gym and follow a generic program, but if you want to progress in surfing, Chris has all the tips. He is a professional and enthusiast. Money well spent!

    Rating :

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  3. One person found this helpful
    Justin M. R.

    Justin M. R. (verified owner)

    Best Online Surfing Training - By Far!

    I’ve always been on the hunt for a good surf training program. I live in the Washington, DC metro area, so getting to waves is a difficult task, and surf is good only in the very cold months. Consequently, I’ve always been in need of a training program to keep up my paddle strength. First, there just were no programs out there. I found Chris Mills a long time ago, from watching youtube videos.
    When he first made a video program to purchase, I jumped on the program. This Surf Strength Coach program and application is the culmination of a lot of great work that is now in a fantastic product.

    Chris’ instruction is always clear and concise. He targets exactly what you need and shows alternative movements. He stresses form, which is always a hallmark of a good coach. Finally, a REAL surfing program.

    This program is worth every penny! Thanks Chris for the years of instruction and for finally making this program and app.

    Rating :

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  4. One person found this helpful
    Mo G.

    Mo G. (verified owner)

    Fun and effective way to improve your fitness and consequently your surfing

    You can really tell that Cris has dedicated his life to surfing, health and fitness. He is incredibly knowledgable and has a very motivating way of communicating (just check out some of his YouTube to get an idea). The Surf Athlete program is a structured and progressive way to get into the best shape of your life and prepare your body for surfing. The series of videos and exercises are professionally recorded and very well explained. The app is constantly improving and easy to navigate. I’m currently about half way through the program and I’ve noticeably improved my flexibility and core strength by now – and I paddle stronger than ever and have a more dynamic pop-up as a result.
    As an additional bonus, the section on breathing is really interesting and has some good exercises as well… But if you have a good breathing practice (from yoga or free diving), you probably won’t learn anything groundbreaking on that topic. Still, really great stuff!

    Rating :

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  5. 3 out of 3 people found this helpful
    Mike R.

    Mike R. (verified owner)

    Great app and training program

    I am nearly through Phase 1 of the program and I am already noticing huge changes to my surfing and general health. Great variety to the work outs and plenty of additional content to keep you motivated. Looking forward to a taking all of this training and techniques into my Telos surf trip in a couple of months!

    Rating :

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  6. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Richard G.

    Richard G. (verified owner)

    Surfing and Feeling Better than Ever!

    Started with the Pop-up program and now on to the Surf Athlete program. Huge improvement in mobility. I’m in my late 30’s surfing smaller boards and bigger waves with more confidence than ever. Highly Recommend!

    Rating :

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  7. One person found this helpful
    Mindi R.

    Mindi R. (verified owner)

    Comprehensive Strength-Surf Training Program WORKS

    If you’ve been looking for a system of movements and training to follow on land to prepare for your surf time, this is THE app to get. The experience has been transformative, especially the instructional videos throughout the various programs that tell you exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, discovering your limitations, and using your training to work on those. The most insightful videos for me were around fixing the popup. I’ve watched dozens of other tutorials on the popup, but this one hits home and helped me (finally) discover what I’ve been doing wrong in my first 40 surfing sessions to date. After watching the video, I understood what it means to be fluid and what my back foot/leg should look like. I’m excited to get further into the Surf Athlete Program.

    Rating :

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  8. One person found this helpful
    Cody M.

    Cody M. (verified owner)

    Surf Athlete for improved flexibility

    Great series of videos and lectures from Cris that help with movement and flexibility. Thanks!

    Rating :

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  9. One person found this helpful
    Joshua Keen Server K.

    Joshua Keen Server K. (verified owner)

    Feeling the difference!

    I am going on week 4 of the surf strength program and am starting to get to know the work outs better. I can definitely feel the difference getting out of bed in the morning moving in and out of ranges of movement that I am usually stiff in. Although I’m struggling a little trying to keep a daily workout regime going, I’m sneaking in little snippets of movements and stretches from the workouts within my day.

    I guess more than anything this program has taught me how out of shape I really am. With this crazy pandemic we are in, I’ve lost all of my jobs and sources of income left to do what the rest of us are going through, raising a 13-year-old son, hunting work down, staying healthy, and trying to figure out how to get some free time to myself. So, when my last paycheck came through I asked myself how I could make positive out the situation I found myself in? After seeing your add pop up on Surfline, and watching all of your free workouts online, I decided to spend my money wisely and invest it into The betterment of myself. Looking forward to checking back in with you in a month to see how much I’ve improved, especially when I can get some time to apply everything to my surfing.

    Rating :

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  10. One person found this helpful
    Michelle S.

    Michelle S.

    Great app for surf training

    This is a fantastic training program for surfing. I have been using the free program for awhile, and recently started on the purchased programs. It’s really changed my perspective for training specifically for surfing, and I have seen results. Even our teen boys are using it consistently, which says something. Cris is very knowledgeable, and I love the community for communication and questions. Highly recommend.

    Rating :

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  11. One person found this helpful
    Ryan John L.

    Ryan John L. (verified owner)

    The program is a progressive, multidimensional approach to training. It wont leave your body taxed, and disrupt your surf sessions. It adds to the surf sessions, by giving vitality, strength, and confidence. Vitality, due to the holistic, and progressive approach, and confidence in different positions, due to the new found strength. This is the second program I have picked up from cris, and my family have been using the dynamic warm ups now for years, both for morning routines and pre workout/surf. There is a lot of knowledge that is shared through this app for which I am always grateful.

    Rating :

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  12. One person found this helpful
    George H.

    George H. (verified owner)


    Everything you need to stay loose and strong in all the right places to help you achieve the athleticism needed to surf well is in this program. When I first found Cris on youtube years ago, he helped me realize how much mobility I was missing in my entire body. I bought his program back when it was just a downloadable PDF and it was life changing. Turned me into a full on mobility junkie. Once he came out with the app I jumped on it, and have to say it is by far the best surf fitness program you will find. I like that it is equally about strength, mobility and flexibility, and that he doesn’t have you beating your body up to the point where you can’t move. Cris is passionate about what he does, and it shows through all the work that he has put into this program. If you ever get a chance to go on one of his trips, you should do that as well. You will not find a better coaching team anywhere. Thanks Cris for helping me to continually improve my surfing even at 45 years old and after 27 years of surfing. Keep up the good work!

    Rating :

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  13. One person found this helpful
    Todd A.

    Todd A. (verified owner)

    Perfect tuneup

    Age & old injuries were starting to get in the way ….. I’m only 2 weeks into it and the improvement in body movement is very noticeable- Thanks Chris

    Rating :

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  14. One person found this helpful
    Sam M.

    Sam M. (verified owner)

    Very pleased, just what I hoped for.

    I’m 57 yrs old and still good for a strong session in the water, however what I was hoping to get from Cris’ course was more knowledge on how to make this fundamental pleasure last. The 12 week course is really taking my workouts and body knowledge to where they need to go. All being equal, I’m more optimistic than ever that I will be surfing well into the future.

    Rating :

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  15. One person found this helpful
    Caroline R.

    Caroline R. (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant!

    I absolutely love this program! I teach yoga / SUP yoga and have been a Personal Trainer for years but have needed a bit of a focus for my own training for a while and this has hit the spot perfectly! I windsurf, surf and sup surf and I love the fact that there’s not the usual guilt-tripping about missing sessions being a sign of poor committment, as we all know on-water time is the really important thing so we’re all going to miss workouts sometimes when the conditions are good! I also love that the goal is just one of each workout a week plus cardio / recovery, I’ve actually in the past been so ruined from training my on-water time has suffered not been enhanced which is crazy. I’ve been loving the stretches and dynamic flow, and I’ve been doing this most days. Despite teaching yoga I actually teach and do more watersports so am constantly tight and sore and don’t do enough for myself on a daily basis other than get on the water, this has motivated me to get back to some proper self-care too. I’ve learned some stretches which are now all time faves and can’t wait to work though all the programmes – the 6 week pop up next, then Cardboard surfer! There is so much content, and as a Personal Trainer some of the off the cuff comments are the ones that impress me the most and prove Cris knows his shit and makes me feel happy trusting my training plan to him (I actually rarely follow a programme in full because of this, usually adding my own elements or skipping certain things, so this is actually quite a big deal for me). I also have a major knee restriction due to a long-standing injury (apparently need it replaced) while this is not directly relevant everything in the programme is what I need to be doing and addressing. The fact the focus is on improving surfing really helps me want to do this more than just another fitness programme, as they tend to be pretty bland and formula one way or another, this is in a different league on so many counts. Can highly recommend!

    Rating :

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  16. One person found this helpful
    Ben J.

    Ben J. (verified owner)

    Well thought out, great program!

    I haven’t been this motivated to workout in years! I have been really enjoying the program so far, it’s well thought out and organized and the video examples are extremely helpful. I come from a multi-sport background and worked (until very recently) as a competitive gymnastics coach. I completed the NASM PT program and the Corrective Exercise Specialist program, to better help my gymnasts and myself, after undergoing extensive  rehab and training, for a series of injuries related to a herniated lumbar disc and subsequent muscle imbalances and inhibitions   I have been assessing the program with critical eye, and have found very few flaws in it. Congratulations to you Chris! I really appreciate the amount of time and energy that must have gone into this, having tried for years to make my own exercise programs, it’s worth every penny so far. Can’t wait to see how the rest progresses

    Rating :

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  17. One person found this helpful
    Olivier D.

    Olivier D. (verified owner)

    great training and mobility program

    I started surfing a few month ago, really liked it, that’s why I started following Cris on social media, then I decided to go with the 12 weeks program. Surf season is finished here but it serves me for wakeboarding. Can’t wait for my foot to heal to get back at it 100%

    Rating :

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  18. One person found this helpful
    Jean L.

    Jean L. (verified owner)

    Great programs, awesome improvement after 2 weeks training (Bundle)

    Bought the Bundle program so my partner can learn to surf with The Perfect Pop Up, decided to go through the material myself and I am now applying it our my own surf and I can already see an improvement. My hip was stuck and the program is helping to lose it up, which is helping with the movement flow, also fixed my back foot position which made the board a bit more loose ( easier to turn ). Now I am going to finish The Perfect Pop Up before I go into the 12 weeks program. Also the Stretches For Surfers helped a lot, throughout that that I found out about my hip… Great program

    Rating :

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  19. One person found this helpful
    Edgar C.

    Edgar C. (verified owner)

    effective training for board sports!

    I have done the popup and surf skate program and this program tops it up with exercises focusing on overall flexibility, core and strength that I needed for surfing and snowboarding. I am currently on week 4 phase 1.

    Rating :

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  20. One person found this helpful
    Matt B.

    Matt B. (verified owner)

    Epic results!

    I completed the twelve week programme during NZ’s Covid lockdown in 2020 when our beaches were off limits for surfing. A year previously I’d subluxated my shoulder resulting in super annoying aches and pains during surfing and in my work as a builder. Long story short, I’ve been surfing every week pain free since completing the programme and definitely going to keep a regular routine going based on Cris’ exercises. Cheers!!!!!

    Rating :

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  21. One person found this helpful
    Kecia D.

    Kecia D. (verified owner)

    Great way to stay in shape for surfing(and anything really)

    This is a complete program that you can use to stay in surfing(or really general) shape. Cris’s stuff is some of the most thorough programs that I have seen with all aspects, mobility, strength, cardio , breathing that I have come across. He also explains in detail each exercise and it’s purpose so that you have the tools to figure out what might be holding back your surfing, and how you might improve it. It is well worth the money for the amount of information that you get with this and all of his programs

    Rating :

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  22. Mariano Ponce

    Mariano Ponce (verified owner)

    Been surfing for a long while and was not able to step up my game until I started training with this program. Not only I feel more confident, but I have the capacity to surf better and be ready for when the swell comes. Stoked level has gone up and I am so thankful for the teachings from Cris!

    Rating :

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  23. Matej P.

    Matej P. (verified owner)

    I’ve been having back pain issues for quite a while, tried a lot of different programs etc., but this one did it for me. Not only you get a surf training you never knew you needed, but you get to increase your overall mobility, body control, strength, all in one. I dont go on surf trips as often as I would like, but man, can’t wait for the next one. Thanks Cris!

    Rating :

    Read More
  24. Carl C.

    Carl C.

    I’m a middle aged beginner trying to pick up where I left off about ten years ago. I’m working through the Surf Athlete Training program and it’s great. It’s helping me in the water as well as out. The increased mobility has actually sorted out back pain issues that I’d been having as a result of too much time sitting in front of a screen. I’ve gotten so much out of this program.

    Rating :

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  25. Don H.

    Don H. (verified owner)

    Solid program

    This training program is great. Unfortunately, I got about 1/2 way through and my 30 year back issue flared up (unrelated to the surf program). I’m now back at it, starting over, but found it is a really good for progressing through my recovery. The app is decent, the workouts and movements are clear and concise. Looking forward to getting back in the water!

    Rating :

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  26. Mattia A.

    Mattia A. (verified owner)

    I have just started but I really like the program, there are a lot of specific surfing exercises and every time I can’t wait to train. It’s the program I was looking for! Thanks so much!

    Rating :

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  27. Greg C.

    Greg C. (verified owner)

    I have purchased a few apps from Surf Strength Coach and added the Surf Athlete Training Program a few months ago. It is a great program which focuses in detail on training for surfers. I am a middle aged shortboarder and since using Surf Athlete Training Program my pop ups are quicker and I am more dynamic in the water. I would recommend bundling the Surf Athlete Training Program with the Stretches for Surfers for the best results, a combo of fitness with mobility.

    Rating :

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  28. Jorge R.

    Jorge R. (verified owner)

    Awesome Program

    I started seen results right away, a lot of movements that I neglected for a long time. The new app is great, very organized, making it easier to follow the workouts. The instructional videos are awesome to have in the app to use while doing the workouts. This is a game changer.

    Rating :

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  29. Susanne N.

    Susanne N. (verified owner)

    A huge resource not only for surfers

    Since I got lazy the last year, I started the program. It is well structured, easy to follow and it offers something for everybody. Unfortunately I injured my knee badly and had to switch to rehap 🙁 but the breathing programm is still a great resource & got me back on the Wim Hof method as well. I still have a-3-months-break to go and I happy to start over again.

    Rating :

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  30. James D.

    James D. (verified owner)

    Pushing into the Future

    Every year brings added aches and pains. When you’re in your 20’s and 30’s these changes appear subtile and inconsequential. Once we stagger into our 40’s and beyond, the changes are more noticeable and impactful to overall health. Realizing you’re going through these changes is critical in ensuring you remain healthy and active for the years ahead. Knowing how to extend your bodies functionality is critical. The Surf Strength Coach program delivers on all accounts. It addresses the importance of pliability and flexibility to one’s surfing. It focuses on the key strength muscles needed for each surf session. As a 70 year old surfer, I find Cris’ instruction to be doable and totally applicable to my surfing capability. Cris also encourages direct communications between himself and the client to capitalize on his knowledge and the client’s desire to improve. Growing old gracefully is not an option without dedicating the time and effort to counter the bodies desire to essentially digress into old age. The saying “use it or lose it” sadly has a critical impetus on surfers as we age. We must be able to identify with certainty those parts of our bodies that need special focus for rehab and enhancement as we age. In addition, an overall exercise program that keeps us limber and strong helps us to stroll into the golden years of surfing with minimum suffering — both physical and mental. Cris’ program accomplishes this on all levels. Well recommended !

    Rating :

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  31. Brian C.

    Brian C. (verified owner)

    This program is great! I have been able to go down in volume my boards… and my 6mm winter suit doesn’t feel like a hinderance any more. Why wasn’t this available 20 years ago:P

    Rating :

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  32. Aleksander S.

    Aleksander S. (verified owner)

    For the first time, I feel that my gym workouts make sense! Not only am I getting stronger, but my body moves and feels better. 6 weeks into the program, I know I’m gonna be prepared for my next surf trip. Keep up the great work, Cris!

    Rating :

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  33. ANDREW S.

    ANDREW S. (verified owner)


    Love the stuff Chris puts together for an everyday hacker like myself to feel more flexible and more confident in various levels of surf. I’m sharing the Stoke with all my mates who don’t get to surf enough

    Rating :

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  34. Scott F.

    Scott F. (verified owner)


    Cris has put together an amazing package to cater for both the seasoned trainer and absolute newbie.
    I’ve been regularly training for twenty years and have been a trainer and coach for the past ten.
    Do yourself a favour and jump on board!

    Rating :

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  35. Fabian K.

    Fabian K. (verified owner)

    I finished phase 1 now and I’m in to the basic of the programm… feel already some progress and I’m excited to go on with the training! It’s fun too… let’s start!!

    Rating :

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  36. Jay Z.

    Jay Z. (verified owner)

    Great product

    I have surfed for over 20 years along the way I have paid for lessons and have been to several surf camps. Nothing even comes close to the instructional videos and demonstrations from Cris.

    Rating :

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  37. Nick L.

    Nick L. (verified owner)

    An amazing, comprehensive wellness program

    The app is an amazing tool for anyone interested in increasing performance, both in terms of technical development and sustained health and longevity. You need to take care of yourself if you hope to surf at a high level into your 30s, 40s and beyond; Chris Mills knows his stuff, clearly has done his research, and has laid out clear and well organized plans for keeping your body fit and moving well.

    Rating :

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  38. matthew r.

    matthew r. (verified owner)

    Really enjoying the program. I’ve noticed a sustainable improvement in both my surfing and general fitness and flexibility. The specificity of the program is great, especially aiming to increase joint mobility under load, rather than a standard stretching program.
    Cheers Matt

    Rating :

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  39. William M.

    William M. (verified owner)

    Returning to the lineup after shoulder surgery.

    In the last 3 years I’ve had surgery on both shoulders for torn rotator cuff muscles. Recently started using your program to improve my pop ups which as you can imagine have become very sloppy. As I write this review I’m in Lombok and thanks to the strengthening and mobility protocols I’m back surfing as well as or better than before. Keep up the good work.
    Cheers William

    Rating :

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  40. Matt P.

    Matt P. (verified owner)

    Awesome sports specific program

    Love this app, been following Cris for some time and he puts out the best content. Not only do the programs help improve your surfing but it carries over to everything else. So much up to date and exclusive detail, the instruction in the videos are top notch. The dynamic movement and stretches are worth their weight in gold. Highly recommend this program.

    Rating :

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  41. Susan J.

    Susan J. (verified owner)

    Finally a program that is LEGIT

    Been following along with the content Cris has been putting out since I started surfing 7-8 years ago and always end up coming back for more. There is SO much BS in the health and fitness world, I feel like this program has gotten it figured out. While other programs might briefly hit one or two important subjects, this program is well rounded from the importance of breath, recovery, mobility, injury prevention, etc. The guy is all about learning, growing and progression for himself and everyone he comes into contact with. I find myself constantly recommending his content to fellow surfers and any athletes really that are seeking legit health and enhancement of their performance. I have finally figured out some ongoing injuries and gained confidence that I can charge without an exceeded risk of injury. I couldn’t be more grateful.. Cris is an absolute legend and an inspiration on so many levels. This app is an awesome life hack for anyone interested in true health, well being and kicking ass in the meantime.

    Rating :

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  42. lucas p.

    lucas p. (verified owner)


    Great program. I had a knee injury and I used it to be fit again for surfing. I was able to be surfing again, and with a higher level of strenght.
    Chris is also available for questions and doubts during the training journey. Highly recommended!

    Rating :

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  43. Johannes B.

    Johannes B. (verified owner)

    Since 2012

    Started to leech Cris free videos on YouTube in the beginning. Bought my first training program in 2012 called STS (Surf Training Success). Back then it was all about PDFs. Been hammering that program ever since but thought it was time to get into a new program. Surf Athlete Training Program is an app in my phone with videos, feels like Cris is in the gym with me guiding me through. No more PDFs.

    This is a extremely well formated and solid program. I do not regret one cent spending on this program, nor the STS program. Loving the term “prehab” by the way. Ever since the STS program I have been getting funny looks at the gym performing some of the drills. Six years later look who’s laughing – pain free, strong & mobile.

    Looking forward to get to the next level with this program.

    Rating :

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  44. Gary Crocker C.

    Gary Crocker C. (verified owner)

    If I failed to plan then I've planned to fail

    Let me explain. I’ve been surfing almost non stop since 1968 and although I went through periods of hitting the gym to “up my game”, aging never stops, injuries became more frequent and harder recoveries even more so. I stumbled upon Cris’s Surf Strength Coach programs back in 2013 and dealing with minor injuries, I incorporated some of the free tips and movements into my workouts making up my routine as I went. All good so I thought. Fast forward two years Sept 2015 and another injury but this one was something different. I broke my neck and was out of the water for a year. Out of shape, limited movement, fatter than I’ve ever been. Nothing moved like it should. Not just my neck but everything…. back, legs, shoulders you name it. Just a mad circle of constant setbacks. So back to the gym right? Incorporate some of my “free” tips and movements right? But things did not progress as I expected. I mentioned age and was beginning to think that maybe it’s getting the upper hand and just maybe my lifelong surf journey was ending. I’ve had a lot of time to think about this so what was missing? Was I doing something wrong? What is the plan to get my body moving? It’s obvious that my self made “plan” was not working and if I was to continue to be a surfer and move like one I need to have a plan and follow it. So as a birthday present to myself and a commitment to progressing, I purchased the Surf Athlete program. I have to say this program is spot on. In the first week alone I realized the depth of neglect my body has endured by not having a plan focussed on flexibility, movement and strength. It’s just plain awesome that I really don’t need to go to a gym and I can still get totally worked. The phone app (which is perfect) and an open spot to move and a plan is all that’s needed. It’s what I needed. The journey continues. Thanks Cris

    Rating :

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  45. THIERRY O.

    THIERRY O. (verified owner)

    Fantastic opportunity

    I did the surf athlete training. Amazing results in terms of flexibility, core, strength…. I never stayed that long in the water, so I could take more waves. Moreover, I am much more confident now… I can try things I never tried before. It’s really indredible…. If you want to improve your physical capacity for better/longer surfing, do it…. no doubt. But one thing, be patient at the beginning, it does not come that fast, keep going weeks after weeks. Then …. comme back in the water…. Waouuuuuh….. Really, GO

    Rating :

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  46. Mitch P.

    Mitch P. (verified owner)

    This program is legit! Surfer or not it will get you moving and feeling better for the rest of your life. Super easy to follow along with the videos and lots of extras as well. The exercises are high quality and focus on form and function. Cris is awesome and is always willing to answer questions and help out. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time and am stoked I found it!

    Rating :

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  47. Scott Barnes B.

    Scott Barnes B. (verified owner)

    Started surfing in my mid 30’s and love the sport, I found myself struggling to pop up correctly and move around freely.
    Now in my early 40’s I recently signed up to the surf strength coach 12 week challenge.
    My hips and lower back are starting to move the way they should again, I have more energy and my pop up has improved, i’m surfing better than I ever have.
    It is the perfect surf fitness program.
    Thanks Cris awesome program.

    Rating :

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  48. Jon A.

    Jon A. (verified owner)

    Muy buen programa!

    Muy buen programa que te permite mejorar tu estado físico de manera funcional, preparándote para aprovechar al máximo las mejores sesiones en el mar. Buen trabajo!

    Rating :

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  49. Greg H.

    Greg H. (verified owner)

    I’m glad I bought this. I’ve learned a lot and really enjoy the way Cris has put this together. I add this to the other training that I do, and it really helps me reduce tightness and keeps me limber. And, Cris’ tips have really helped when I’ve implemented them while surfing. For someone who has surfed more than 30 years, I’m stoked on the additional progress I’m making and how I’m able to still pull multi-hour sessions.

    Rating :

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  50. Kristine B.

    Kristine B. (verified owner)

    I first heard about Surf Strength Coach by searching for some exercises specifically for surfers and Surf Strength Coach videos kept coming up. The videos were easy to follow and exactly what I was trying to find. This led me to discovering the Surf Strength Coach website and getting the program. Cris has a comprehensive program that is inclusive of surfers of all abilities and I find the app is fantastic to follow and really motivating. It takes out the guessing and it’s truly like having a private coach working with you on the fundamentals. I have already learned a ton from starting the program and can’t wait to continue with my training!

    Rating :

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  51. Joel P.

    Joel P. (verified owner)

    The whole program is designed to help you surf better, and also help improve your pop-up. I am in-land so I don’t get much wave time, so these exercises and stretches help when I do get surf time. I also like his functional assessments, to see where the focus needs to be.

    Rating :

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  52. Alicia K.

    Alicia K. (verified owner)

    Awesome app!

    This app is awesome because Cris is the master of explanation. He gives you all the information you need to feel confident in what you are doing. And the breath work section is exceptional.

    Rating :

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  53. jim a.

    jim a. (verified owner)

    Too good!

    been looking for movements that Cris provides In the app for years. Have gotten the pop up program, app and osp and over the last two years and my surfing has really progressed.

    Rating :

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  54. Mike C.

    Mike C. (verified owner)

    Great Program

    This app is great. Fills in the blanks on days where this is no surf. Plus feels totally applicable for getting healthier for surfing.

    Rating :

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  55. Rudolf S.

    Rudolf S. (verified owner)

    great app, great workouts!

    The 12 week Surf Athlete Training Program has really pushed my surfing. As it a very holistic, full body program it delivers huge benefits not only for surfing. The free stuff you can find within the app is rad too

    Rating :

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  56. Mark L.

    Mark L. (verified owner)

    The Programs a 10!

    Cris’s knowledge of the human body and how it can move athletically, is another level. The program caters for all levels, quickly highlighting the individual’s biomechanical and physiological strengths and weaknesses. Cris teaches you to be mindful of your circumstance. His holistic approach in the program encourages and enables the user to move more freely. Moving freely helps a closer connection with the ocean. Free flowing movement, to surf with strength, flow and grace is my goal. It’s epic.
    A frothing 58 yr old

    Rating :

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  57. Rob F.

    Rob F. (verified owner)

    Great program!

    This program is awesome and has been an amazing Companion piece to my training after completing Pt post meniscus surgery. I recommend Cris most highly!

    Rating :

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  58. Kirra P.

    Kirra P. (verified owner)

    Awesome app!!!

    The 12 week surf athlete training program is fantastic. It’s very well designed with gradual progressions once you’ve mastered the foundations. Clear explanations video instructions make it easy to follow. I’ve been after this type of training regime that will positively enhance my surfing rather. I love the dynamic flow warm-ups incorporating specific movement and breath work. Highly recommended any of Chri’s stuff always well worth the money.

    Rating :

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  59. Jenny Beesley b.

    Jenny Beesley b. (verified owner)

    Really enjoying using the app. The programs are easy to follow, with great instructional videos. I really like the fact that many workouts use minimal equipment. Makes it easy to use them on the road, when you don’t have a full squat rack/weights room set-up easily available. Plus the vids are downloadable, too.
    And Cris is always updating content on the other programs available via the app.
    Very happy with this investment in my surfing – one hundred percent worth the money.

    Rating :

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  60. Abbas E.

    Abbas E. (verified owner)

    App Benefits

    I have been doing this training for three weeks now and the dynamic flow was a bit annoying and hard at start as I wasn’t understanding their benefits but now I see how it is helping me in terms of mobility and flexibility!
    The app is really amazing and my backside have been improving without even realising it thanks to all the exercices
    Thanks again!

    Rating :

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  61. frederic S.

    frederic S. (verified owner)

    Surf Training App Brilliant

    Been following Chris for quite a while on line and loved the videos on training , stretch etc.. The app takes it to another level by offering great programs for all the aspect of surfing that you would like to improve. I am a part time Life Guard so still in good shape for a middle aged man but the app training program helps me keep me in shape and improved my surfing. Great app strongly recommend all programs to anyone who wants to push the boundaries a little bit. Frederic

    Rating :

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  62. Trent M.

    Trent M. (verified owner)

    Worth a lot more than it costs

    Cris’s work is excellent, and he froths on sharing his knowledge with others. Great explanations with videos for every exercise, and he uses minimal props so you can do it just about anytime and anywhere. I’ve had huge improvement in range of motion, and improvement in the water – despite me not being able to do it as often as I would like with a heavy work schedule.
    Workouts with a focus on regaining proper functional movement specifically designed for surfers, with post surf recovery techniques and exercises. Constantly being updated with more content. If you surf, you need to get into this.

    Rating :

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  63. Dhia B.

    Dhia B. (verified owner)


    A m a great fan of the ap . Lots of updates and the results are there . product made with passion

    Rating :

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  64. Jim N.

    Jim N. (verified owner)

    Unlocking my body

    Over the past several years I have tried several programs to improve my surfing mobility. I am 48 and spent many years lifting heavy weights and following a strict strength training routine. I neglected mobility and flexibility for the most part and also developed weaknesses that I was unaware of.
    As a result my surfing has suffered and in particular I have battled restriction of movement along with associated injuries which have gotten pretty bad over the last several years. My whole body has been pretty locked up and was getting worse and worse. My biggest struggles have been with Kyphosis and anterior pelvic tilt from too much desk time, improper training and overall neglect. This has negatively affected my ability to function efficiently in the water.
    After only one month doing the full routine along with the separate pop-up program I am already beginning to feel my body open up. Paddling is improving and my pop-up is night and day. I didn’t remember how easy and effortless it could be! I still have a long way to go, but I have confidence that the program will get me there. The information and detail in the program is excellent! Give it your 100% and the reward will follow. The program is great for surfing, but also great for your overall mobility for life.

    Rating :

    Read More
  65. Dean B.

    Dean B. (verified owner)

    Loving the Surf Athlete Program!!

    My training has taken on a whole new dimension thanks to Cris, the Surf Athlete Program and the Surf Strength Coach App!! The attention to technique combined with the app have enabled me to learn heaps and get much more benefit during my exercise time. With limited spare time, this has been a huge gain for me.

    Four weeks into this program, and my training has improved to a whole new level, where my mind and body are getting stronger and I’m becoming incredibly more flexible. I hadn’t surfed for a while until last week when I went for a paddle in small conditions and blew my mind with the ease at which I caught my first wave, stoop up, and surfed it all the way in. I’m very excited to continue this journey. Thanks heaps Cris!!

    Rating :

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  66. ryan b.

    ryan b. (verified owner)

    Excellent resource

    I am on week 3 and really enjoying the app. It’s exactly what I needed where I get programs and easy to follow. I also like you really don’t need a lot of machines and now looking at building a gym in my garage and quitting my gym. I just need a spin bike and with the beach pool just down the street i can get my cardio in.

    Rating :

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  67. Aimee H.

    Aimee H. (verified owner)

    12 week program is a winner

    The 12 week program is great and constant improvements are being made to app functionality. The workouts cover strength and flexibility and provide a complete all round workout. Just choose a later week to start on if you want something more advanced. Videos are really well done and clearly explain how to maintain the correct form.

    Rating :

    Read More
  68. Lucas W.

    Lucas W. (verified owner)


    Wanted to give 6 stars but couldn’t. Can’t say how much I love this surf program/programs they have help me not just in my surfing but I’m feeling better in everyday life from the surf athlete program to the breathing, the flow work and paddle training. I’ve started combining them all now and I’ve never felt better.
    Chris really knows his stuff and I feel he’s just a stoked guy who really wants to help guys surf there best. Cheers

    Rating :

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  69. Elan F.

    Elan F.

    Just do this!

    Cris continues upping his own training game, making it easier for all of us to stay in surf shape regardless of how many times a week we’re able to paddle out. This is the second course I’m doing with Cris, and the fact that it’s now app-enabled makes it super-simple to do as well as to track progress. Work out with Cris on your mobile device or tablet and you’ll get more flexible, stronger, smarter, and healthier. A final word: Cris has always made himself available and responds quickly to any questions or worries I’ve had. If you’re looking for a fitness program tailored for the needs of surfers, you should definitely check this one out!

    Rating :

    Read More
  70. Heath N.

    Heath N. (verified owner)

    Fundamentally changed my surfing and health

    I am so inspired by Chris and everything he does so I may be a little biased. Let me just say I went into the Surf Athlete Program app with high expectations and they have been surpassed. Chris has managed to keep up the intensity and keep me engaged with the app. That is good because if you stick with it the mechanics of the exercises will absolutely change the way you surf. I’m in Phase 2 right now. In Phase 1, I came away feeling stronger, more flexible and with more stability in my core. Now I’m in Phase 2 and I’m seeing the improvements show up in how I surf and paddle. A recent session here in San Diego involved a lot of paddling. I paddled until I was absolutely spent. Afterward, I was more sore in different areas of my central back, instead of all in my chest and arms. This was a result of using a more effective posture while paddling, and this more effective posture was a result of the work I had done with the app. The program is worth the investment in time and money. Thanks Chris for all you do and being such a professional!

    Rating :

    Read More
  71. alexandra k.

    alexandra k. (verified owner)

    Profound and professional

    This program provides professional training exercises and information . I come from the health business my self and I’m impressed by the profound knowledge that stands behind all of that.
    At the moment I’m surfing in Brasil and I use the worm up bevor the session and it feels like Heven for my back!
    I highly recommend the program. It is fun and it works!

    Rating :

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  72. Ian S.

    Ian S. (verified owner)

    Good stuff!!

    I went through this program for 3 months and I believe it really helped my surf technique. This coupled with some work on a surf skate board made lots of difference. Many of my surf mentors and buddies noticed me being able to move a little more fluidly on waves.

    You gotta put in the work. But the program progresses nicely. And your body adapts slow and steady. And now I maintain doing the advance workouts weekly.

    I definitely recommend it!

    Rating :

    Read More
  73. Michael S.

    Michael S. (verified owner)


    I really like the diversity in this workout and it covers so many aspects of surftraining, stretches, breathing and just generally movements. Great work 😃🤙🏽

    Rating :

    Read More
  74. Brian S.

    Brian S. (verified owner)

    great app for surfers!

    Well done app full of great info and well laid out .

    Rating :