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That Delivers Results
You'll Feel in the Ocean..."

4.98 (236 surfer reviews)
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Radically Enhance Your Surfing by Improving Your Body

Move Fluidly, Athletically, & Powerfully.
Build dynamic strength & endurance that carries over to your movement in the ocean.
Prepare your body for what your surfing & the ocean demand.
Workouts and Stretch routines that help you move like a surfer needs to.
Build a stronger and more mobile body so you're not limited in the surf.
Improved endurance, shoulder health, dynamic flexibility, core strength, and more.

Discover a Surf-Specific Training Program that Builds "Surf Athleticism"

Enhance Your Surfing & Unlock Your Potential by Building a Body That

Surf fluidly, and powerfully without bodily restrictions.
Spend more time in the water and catch some more waves!
Proven powerful exercise deliver noticeable results in less time
Work on the Skill & Art of Surfing more easily when your body isn't limited, take the brakes off your surfing.

12 Weeks of Simple & Effective Training to Support Your Surfing

You're a Surfer
So You Are an Athlete
No Matter Your Age or Skill

Improve Your Surfing by Building the Foundations that Surfing Requires from Your Body.

Skill & Art of Surfing

Endurance, Flexibility Strength, Power, Durability

Joint Mobility, Breath, Mindset, Health

Art & Skill
Better surfing is built with time in the water, developing the Art & Skill of Surfing.  This is technical and coaching aspect of surfing. 
Performance Aspects
Strength, Power, Endurance, & Flexibility are the base that allows you to effortlessly work on the "skill" and technique of surfing.
Surf Foundations
The Fundamental requirements for the body so that it can function optimally in the ocean.


Workouts, Paddle Training, Enhanced Posture, Improve Flexibility, Joint Durability, and Surf Fitness

Phase 1


Build Fitness That Supports Your Surfing This is your introduction to true “surf-fitness”. Drills to improve your fluid mobility, Cardio to build your Endurance Engine, Workouts that Develop Dynamic Strength. This is Movement, Training, and Fitness Designed Specifically for Surfers.


Discover Your Limitations and How to Improve Them
Learn Training Protocols that Actually Carry Over to Your Surfing.
Introduce a Program That Will Forever change Your Approach to Fitness


Increase Flexibility with Dynamic Flow Sequences
Lay down the Foundations of Durability around the Hips and Shoulders
Develop Your Cardio Routine for those Endless Padde-Outs


It’s time to start ramping up volume and intensity of training with a focus on Quality & Efficiency of Training
Build Functional Strength in Preparation for Power and Explosive Movements in later stages


Habits Have now been built for a lifetime of improved movement… because surfing IS movement.
You’ve changed how you move and prepped your body for new stages of training and surfing potential

Phase 2


Challenging and shockingly effective strength, flexibility, and endurance workouts. Develop higher intensity cardio and endurance for heavier surf sessions and never gassing out. Build flexibility to new levels of fluid movement & Surfing. Strength Development that is tailored for surfers that need to be quick, coordinated, agile, and fit. Enhanced durability for longevity in the surf.


New Drills, New Workouts, New Exercises, improving how you feel and how you move in the ocean.
Progressive training to deepen your understanding of what performance training for surfers truly is.
Challenging workouts with a focus on building overall health, for the longterm.


Dynamic Flow Sequences that not only make you feel damn good, but challenge your core strength and flexibility. 
Cardio sessions that simulate the energy demands of more challenging surf.
Workouts that integrate surf specific strength and flexibility.


New levels of fitness and dramatically improved physical abilities.
Continue to undo what neglect, age, or wear and tear has done to your body.
Recovery routines that teach you how to look after yourself, for decades of high caliber surfing. 


You’ll be impressed and surprised at how far you’ve come by this point!
Awareness and true understanding of what you NEED for improved surfing performance
Push past previous boundaries and explode into new levels of performance training.

Phase 3


This is professional level training that you’ve accessed through smart, efficient, and well planned progression. As soon as you feel the first workout, you’ll immediately know why you’ve trained to get here! This IS training for surf performance. This is how you’ll train for the REST of your life. This is training that prepares you for the rigors of surfing and endless fun in the ocean.


Full body training that prepares you for decades of surfing at any level.
You’ve progressed to a level of training that truly supports surfing skill.
You won’t fall for surf-fitness gimmicks ever again because you’ve built a library of training knowledge


This isn’t stretching, these are Dynamic Flow Routines that challenge your core, hips, spine, and shoulders. 
As a surf you need to move quickly and powerfully. This is training that supports that, and improves fluid movement. 
This isn’t crossfit that just smashes you… this is high performance training that enhances your life output. 


The best endurance you’ve felt in the water because of this final stage of cardio training.
You will see an feel vast differences, even off the water.


Appreciate the full-body changes that make surfing more fun, easier, and safer.

The Surf Athlete
has been Pumping...

4.98 out of 5 stars

236 reviews

  1. Gregory S.

    Excellent program

    Gregory S. (verified owner)

    I am only in week 3 and have only got in the water once so far since starting, but I already feel a difference in my mobility and overall strength. Truthfully, this has taken me past just being stronger for surfing but being more capable of playing with my 2 year old. Well worth the investment.

    Rating :

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  2. Terry K.

    Surf Strength

    Terry K. (verified owner)

    Chris is legit. I have trained with pro coaches before and Chris is right there with them. Surf specific whole body movement workouts with a detailed explanation as to why and huge emphasis on proper form. Mobility is center-stage along with pre-surf and workout warm-ups. I want to be the best surfer I can be and this program is what I need to get me there.

    Rating :

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  3. Hendrik Engel E.

    Perfect combination of knowledge, training, and fun

    Hendrik Engel E. (verified owner)

    Not only are Chris’ programs exceptionally well designed and he does a great job of explaining the movements, positioning, and how they relate to each other, it’s just fun to do the exercises and follow along.

    Rating :

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  4. Justin Trent T.

    So much content

    Justin Trent T. (verified owner)

    There is way more content than I thought there would be covering every aspect of surfing. Its really well put together and will definitely benefit any level of surfer

    Rating :

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  5. Axel R.

    Best surftraning ( strength an cardboard)

    Axel R. (verified owner)

    I have practiced Cross Fit and Yoga for 7 years now, but I was stuck in my surfing like the typical intermediate surfer you can see in the videos. (card board surfer). I am stoked with the program which helped me to improve my surfing a lot and gave me a lot of benefit. Especially flexibility, stability and of course my posture. All of the exercises really matter to surf. Thank you.
    Cheers Axel

    Rating :

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  6. Eitan S.

    Amazing Turnaround!

    Eitan S. (verified owner)

    I’m on my early 40s, started working with the “SURF ATHLETE” program a few weeks ago and already started noticing major improvements in my mobility and strength. The targeted and ramp-up approaches really focus on the physiology required for surfing and the educational parts really interesting. The training is challenging but fulfilling!

    Rating :

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Is Your Body Holding Back Your Surf Progression?

Discover a training program that builds, improves, and restores surf athleticism.
Fluid, strong, powerful movement you can surf!
Workouts, flexibility routines, and more
To enhance or restore your ability to move in the manner a surfer needs to.
Build strength & fluid power that carries over to the surf.
Develop a body that can gracefully work on the skill & art of surfing.

The Entire Program
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Would a stronger & more flexible body help you to enjoy your time in the ocean?

Get the most out of your time and effort towards improving your body.
Train using professionally designed workouts so you truly benefit & improve.
Build fitness that carries over to how you feel, and how you move in the surf!


Breath Work

What you'll Learn in this Breath Work Program could literally save your life.

Discover the Essential Breath Work Protocols to enhance your focus, calm your heart rate, build confidence in heavy water situations, and boost your overall performance.
Breath is a critical and valuable tool that you will learn to influence your physiology, health, performance and truly impact your surfing.
In this series of 10 Breath Work videos, and well over an hour of content, you'll learn the fundamentals of breath-work. You'll discover the methods I've learned from leaders in the field, and the tools I teach clients every day.  From the basics of optimising your breathing to breath hold training.
The methods you'll implement are some of the most efficient breath training out there.  This series of training is an incredible starting point to understanding how to use your breath to impact your health and surfing. Apply these methods to your life, your surfing, your training, and your recovery.

Paddling Endurance Workouts

Most of your time in the water isn’t spent surfing, it’s spent paddling.

Implement these specific paddle training workouts and boost your endurance in the surf.  Less flailing and fatigue, and more strong paddle strokes and waves. 
For individuals that don’t surf frequently
The inherent physical requirements of surfing (mostly paddling), cause quick fatigue and potential frustration. I want to help you build your “work capacity”. If you can't paddle you can't surf. That's frustrating and straight-up annoying. You can fix that, and these workouts will do just that.
Long and Endlesly
Your ability to sustain long duration paddle outs, the ability to endlessly move your arms, duck dive repeatedly, hold your breath, and then keep on paddling. These workouts will focus on not only creating a more robust and durable upper body, but also help to give you a buffer of endurance and paddling capacity.


  • Elastic Resistance Bands
  • Olympic Rings or Suspension Trainer
  • Exercise Ball (inflatable)
  • Foam Roller or Tennis Balls
  • A few Dumbbells or Kettlebells

With the equipment listed above, you can train 100% of the program, and have a fully stocked home-gym for life! 

At MIMIMUM, you'll need an exercise ball, and Olympic Rings or Suspension Trainer. You'll need the rings or suspension rig to train pulling's kind of relevant to the whole paddling thing!

A cheap set of resistance bands can go a long way and opens the opportunity for paddling work, shoulder durability training, and core training.

Light dumbbells can be substituted with soup cans or bottles of water.  Loading the shoulder musculature for paddling endurance doesn't take much weight, so water bottles can be easily used. 

Kettlebells or some heavier dumbbells are recommended so you can apply load and resistance to the lower body exercises.  A strong lower body is durable and leads into Power Training.

12-Week Training Program
Get Started Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to the program forever?
Yes! Once you purchase the program you will get lifetime access and discounts on new programs.
What Equipment do I need?
All you will need for this program is:
  • Elastic Resistance
  • Bands Olympic Rings or Suspension Trainer
  • Exercise Ball (inflatable)
  • Foam Roller or Tennis Balls
  • A few Dumbbells or Kettlebells
Can beginners do the program?
Absolutely, there are alternative and progressive movements for each level.
How is the program delivered to me?
This is a digital program intended to be downloaded to your mobile device so you always have it with you during your workouts. Once you join the Surf Athlete Training Program, you will receive access to the entire program. Download everything and it’s yours forever.
Why Is Equipment Required?
There are basic equipment requirements for this training program, but with these basic tools you'll be able to train effectively for years to come.  To train efficiently in the movement patterns that carry over to surfing, applied resistance is required.  Take paddling for example, it's a pulling movement, so various forms of pulling need to be trained to develop endurance and durability.  

A set of Olympic Rings, elastic resistance bands, or some light kettlebells will allow for a vast array of pulling exercises to ramp up your paddling endurance.  Much of the Rotational Core work requires either an Exercise Ball or Resistance Bands.  Developing strength and power for the lower body requires the addition of resistance so a Kettlebell becomes quite beneficial.  

Training with weights or resistance won't make you into a meathead or overly bulky.  What it will do is help you to develop a stronger and more capable body.  If you don't have all the equipment right away, no worries.  For nearly all exercises there are alternative movement options if you don't have that particular piece of equipment
Refund Policy
All purchases made on our website, or via the Surf Strength Coach app platform are NON-REFUNDABLE.  We proudly stand by our work, programs, and training protocols, and you can readily view the numerous testimonials regarding our programs if you are unsure of the quality of our work. Due to the downloadable nature of our programs, and considerations of Intellectual Property, refunds will not be granted for any training programs or educational programs.

What Category Are You?

Beginner Surfers

This training will enhance your durability, promote injury prevention, and introduce high level dynamic training.

Intermediate Surfers

You're climbing the skill ladder of surfing, and the last thing you want is for your body to limit your progression. Improve your flexibility, enhance paddling endurance, and build strength so you can effortlessly work on the skill of surfing when you get in the water.

Advanced Surfers

You need time in the ocean, and as much time on the wave face as possible. If you've started surfing you've felt the physical demand required from the body. This program will build the fundamentals that a surf-body requires. Get in the water and rest assured you'll be able to surf as long as the waves permit.

Have you already been working out?

Perfect! This program will show you what high-quality training for surfers truly looks like.
This workout will guide your understanding of "surf fitness" for years to come. As you complete all 3 Phases (12 weeks) of training, you'll come away with a thorough understanding of dynamic exercises that you will implement for as long as you surf.

Have you never worked out before?

That's perfect! You're a blank slate, so this program will teach you efficient and effective methods of surf specific training.
The program will give you exercise regressions, smart starting points, and teach your perfect technique. You'll learn exercises and movements that you can use for the rest of your life.

Online Surf Training Workouts for
less than a fitness class a week

  • Surf fluidly, and powerfully.
  • Spend more time in the water.
  • Enhance your surfing by Improving your body
$7.4 a week


Cris Mills

Performance Coach, Massage Therapist, CHEK Practitioner

My name is Cris Mills, I operate, and work with people that want to improve their health, movement, and performance, and it’s usually so they can surf better. On a daily basis I help people and surfers train from rehab to performance. I know what a surfer needs to do to keep themselves in the ocean, and have been spreading that information through my various work online.

Improving your surfing requires improving the foundations of movement and athleticism. Flexibility is a key part of that process. I wanted to give surfers an easy resource to improve their flexibility, help to eliminate pain, and simply move and feel better.

Surfing in pain sucks as well, and I’ve done it, and I’m sure most of you have as well. Surfers, athletes, people, we all need to work on body maintenance, and help keep ourselves out of pain. This program will help teach you how to do this.

I aim to change the way physical preparedness is dealt with for surfing, and combine everything I have learned, and continue to learn, to help improve surfers body so they can stay involved with the ocean.



Surf Athlete Training Program

(236 customer reviews)


12 Week All Inclusive Highly Effective Training Program That Delivers Results You’ll Feel in the Ocean. Radically Enhance Your Surfing by Improving Your Body with Workouts and Stretch routines that help you move like a surfer needs to.

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4.98 out of 5 stars

236 reviews

Let us know what you think...

231 reviews with a 5-star rating

  1. One person found this helpful
    Michelle S.

    Great app for surf training

    Michelle S.

    This is a fantastic training program for surfing. I have been using the free program for awhile, and recently started on the purchased programs. It’s really changed my perspective for training specifically for surfing, and I have seen results. Even our teen boys are using it consistently, which says something. Cris is very knowledgeable, and I love the community for communication and questions. Highly recommend.

    Rating :

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  2. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Richard G.

    Surfing and Feeling Better than Ever!

    Richard G. (verified owner)

    Started with the Pop-up program and now on to the Surf Athlete program. Huge improvement in mobility. I’m in my late 30’s surfing smaller boards and bigger waves with more confidence than ever. Highly Recommend!

    Rating :

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    (2) (0)

  3. 3 out of 3 people found this helpful
    Mike R.

    Great app and training program

    Mike R. (verified owner)

    I am nearly through Phase 1 of the program and I am already noticing huge changes to my surfing and general health. Great variety to the work outs and plenty of additional content to keep you motivated. Looking forward to a taking all of this training and techniques into my Telos surf trip in a couple of months!

    Rating :

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    (3) (0)

  4. Emma Freeman F.

    Easy to follow program

    Emma Freeman F. (verified owner)

    Really like these exercises. It is a cohesive, well-thought out program to help reach specific goals and overall better functional movement.

    Rating :

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    (0) (0)

  5. Scott C.

    Amazing program

    Scott C. (verified owner)

    A year ago I was coming off a neck injury, plus just years of bad posture, bad mechanics, too much sitting at a desk, etc. Dipped a toe in the water with some of Cris’ Youtube videos, and then decided to take the plunge with the Surf Athlete App. I honestly can’t say enough great things about it. The workouts have not only improved my surfing, but improved every aspect of my physicality in regular life. The 12-week program really does a great job of allowing you to build up but also learn about what it is you’re building. And all of the extras–breathwork, recovery, paddle workouts–are excellent as well. Even after finishing the program it’s still a near daily resource for me. I use the cardboard surfer program as well, and just am a huge fan of all of it. Especially the fact that it’s so instructive as to the how’s and why’s of your body mechanics, and how much they teach you about your physiology. I’m also regular user of Foundation Training, which I know Cris is a fan of, and definitely recommend combining the two. It’s a great way to prehab/rehab your body not just for surfing but everything. At 43, my body is definitely not as durable as it once was, but this program, along with Foundation Training, has been a game changer. Thanks Cris!

    Rating :

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  6. Ryan John L.

    Ryan John L. (verified owner)

    The program is a progressive, multidimensional approach to training. It wont leave your body taxed, and disrupt your surf sessions. It adds to the surf sessions, by giving vitality, strength, and confidence. Vitality, due to the holistic, and progressive approach, and confidence in different positions, due to the new found strength. This is the second program I have picked up from cris, and my family have been using the dynamic warm ups now for years, both for morning routines and pre workout/surf. There is a lot of knowledge that is shared through this app for which I am always grateful.

    Rating :