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Is Your Pop Up Ruining Your Surfing?

"Get The Ultimate TRAINING PROGRAM for Fixing & Improving Your Pop Up... For Good."

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How Bad is Your Pop Up?

Is it setting you up to flow, or flailing in the whitewash?

Failed Pop Ups are incredibly frustrating, and ultimately limit your surfing. You don't have to fail and fumble with your takeoffs anymore. Think of how radically this could change your surfing.

Better Pop Ups = Better Waves.

Stroke in
smooth pop up
bottom turn

What to expect

This process walks you through the actual technique of Pop Up form

How to identify your limitations, and how to fix them for good.  You also get access to workouts that will improve not only your flexibility and strength for perfect Pop-Ups,  but will also influence your surfing.


Flawless Process
A step by step process to improving your pop up


Which technique is right for you?
Details on the fundamental techniques of a pop up.


Identify What's Wrong
Assessment process to identify your limitations, and what is breaking down pop up attempts.


Are you too weak? Are your joints too tight?
Do you need better technique, more flexibility, or more strength? You'll be able to identify what is truly holding you back.


Made for Surfers
Workouts designed to improve the movements necessary for a smooth and flawless pop up


Mobile-friendly program
You can train anywhere and anytime.

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What It Takes

Up to 30 minutes Per Day,
and 2-4 Training Sessions per week.
That’s all it takes!


  • Willingness to learn & improve
  • Two taped tennis balls duct taped together
  • Full circle resistance strap 1 inch width
  • Foam roller
  • Exercise ball


5 out of 5 stars

21 reviews

  1. One person found this helpful
    Ben E.

    Ben E. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the pop up program. Cris’ instructional videos helped me realise and solve a problem with my ankle. Not only has this helped my pop up but also helped my turns as I now have full range of motion with that ankle again. I can’t thank him enough!

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  2. Jason S.

    Jason S. (verified owner)

    Really appreciate how the program broke down the process into easy-to-understand steps that made a world of difference. Highly recommended

    Rating :

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    (0) (0)

  3. Chris F.

    Best technique instruction out there

    Chris F. (verified owner)

    They way Chris breaks down the pop-up technique is easily the best instruction I’ve seen – and I’ve watched a tonne of you tube’s on this. His is a different, and I think much better, way of working on the pop up. After only 3 weeks working on the technique I can feel the improvement in the water and am getting more wave time by sticking more pop-ups.

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  4. Scott M.

    Exactly what I hoped for!

    Scott M. (verified owner)

    Thanks for your help! As an athlete, I have learned how to make minor adjustments to my technique and routines that lead to huge improvements in my performance. Because surfing was always something I did on the side, I never invested time in learning some of these fundamental techniques. I always just kind of felt my way through things, well that hasn’t worked as well with surfing. This module has given me the head knowledge I needed to make huge improvements in my pop up. While I still have a ways to go to reach my goals, I am confident in this part of the puzzle. Thanks again!

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  5. Shane B.

    Mind shift

    Shane B. (verified owner)

    Cris has taught me to look at the pop up in a different way which has really helped me understand what to aim for and progress has been great

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What you get

This is the process of Pop Up technique, the skill, the strength, flexibility,  and practice to restoring your ability to pop up smoothly and fluidly, and to learn the perfect technique from the start.



This module will introduce you to the thought process of assessing, and correcting your pop up.
You will gain an understanding of what your body needs to be capable of in order to execute the pop up fluidly and repeatedly.
You also gain insight into different styles of pop ups, and why one style may suit your body type more than others.



This is the process of identifying your limitations. You may have one, or you may have multiple. You must get clear on what is limiting your movement. 
Joint limitation? Tight tissue? Poor Motor Control? Weakness?
After a thorough assessment process, you will become clear on what you need to work on, and the associated stretches, and joint mobilizations to correct weaknesses or limitations.



Phase 1 of training will last 3-4 weeks, with 2-4 training sessions per week.
Strengthen and Improve the Foundations of the Pop Up
The Pop Up is a "skill", yet nobody considers it until it goes wrong! A fluid and effortless pop up is a skilled movement pattern that requires optimal flexibility from the lower body, as well as adequate levels of strength.

In Phase 1 you will develop and improve these foundations for a fluid pop up, and refine the actual technique of a flawless pop up.



Phase 2 of training will last 3-4 weeks, with 2-4 training sessions per week.
You want your body to be better than what's "just necessary"...
In Phase 2 you will develop fluid strength and power that creates an effortless pop up. Not only will this phase of training dynamically carry over to all of your surfing, but it will cement your body's ability to pop up fluidly and quickly.

Your body will be physically capable of not only surfing, but also getting to your feet quickly and repeatedly.

The Entire Program
Life-Time Access

The Perfect Pop Up Program

(21 customer reviews)


The Ultimate Guide to Fixing & Improving Your Pop Up… For Good.
Fix, refine, rebuild, or regain your perfect pop up.
Your surfing starts with your pop up, so make sure it’s perfect and effortless.


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21 reviews

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