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Epic Surf Training Programs


Surf Trip Preparation

This program will help you in your surf trip preparation - exercises and drills you need to get ready for the trip of your dreams!

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Surf Skate 2.0

Learn proper technique and develop body and mind co-ordination to get your board exactly where you want it to be.

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Stretches for Surfers 2.0

Enhance your surfing performance with the Stretches For Surfers 2.0 Program. Get More Flow In Your Surfing, Eliminate Pain, Prevent Injury, and Move Better in the Water.

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Bodyweight Surf Athlete

Build Peak Surf Fitness and Shred at your Highest Potential. Get Strong, Get Flexible, and Move Better in the Water.

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Endless Paddling Endurance

Say goodbye to weak-ass noodle arms, and say hello to crushing heavy rips with this Paddling Endurance Program for Surfers.

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Surf Mobility

Enhance your mobility, flexibility, and range of motion, helping you move more fluidly on the waves. Take your surfing to the next level with the Surf Mobility Program.

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Surf Athlete Training Program

Surf Athlete Training Program, a proven, Step-by-Step Program for Better, Faster, & More Durable Surfing.

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The Perfect Pop Up

The ultimate guide to fixing & improving your pop up... For good. Improve your surfing pop up technique and get a better movement on waves.

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Breathwork Essentials

Breathwork essentials help with hold-downs, confidence, trust, and the physical ability to hold your breath for longer periods of time can be an incredible thing for your surfing.

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Cardboard Surfer

A Surf Technique Program That Changes the Way You Surf And How You Understand Surfing. Improve Your Surfing by Learning True Surf Technique.

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Surf Academy

Become Stronger, Durable & Flexible for Your Next Surf Session with the #1 Online Surf Training Program. This is the Netflix of Surf Fitness.

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Surf Fundamentals


Surf Fundamentals

Designed to develop effortless style, technique, and confidence, this program ensures a substantial improvement in your surfing abilities.

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Surfers Nutrition


Surfers Nutrition

Fuel Your Surfing: Essential Nutrition Strategies for Peak Performance. Eat Smart, Surf Strong with Nutrition Secrets for Enhanced Endurance.

These Programs are Included in your app subscription

Build Endurance for monster PADDLE OUTS
Feel Flexible and Strong in the Surf
Breath Training for Confidence
Train for Joint Health & Durability
Move Better, Feel Better, Surf Better

Training & Fitness to Support Your Surfing

Surf Athlete gives you the tools to prepare, train, and recover like a pro athlete, transforming yourself in the process. Accessible anywhere and anytime.

You can workout absolutely anywhere.

Surf Athlete Fits Into Your Life - You Can Workout Anywhere, Anytime, With Minimal Equipment, or Only Bodyweight. It's Up to You to stay surf-fit
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Stay on track and plan your workout week.

Track your progress and view full screen tutorials on every exercise.

What You Get, Where To Start

& How To FastTrack Your Training & Progression

Explore all the variety of workouts!

SURF STRENGTH COACH Helps you to get stronger in all the different areas that surfing requires. week by week! You progress gradually, increasing the intensity in each workout.

Learn The Movements

Detailed Explanations for Every Exercise so you get the Most out of your training and learn exercises for the rest of your surfing life.

Invest In Your Surfing

Start Right Now With Stoke & Peace of Mind with our 7-Day Full Refund Guarantee

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1164 Reviews

  1. Richard H.

    Richard H. (verified owner)

    I feel so much better and can move so much better.

    I’ve only started the surf doa program and am finding it AMAZING!!

    I’ve had some back and neck problems for decades that nothing really helps that much (chiro, PT, accupuncture, foundation work, osteopath, etc etc) while everything offered some relief, I’m finding Surf DOA to be getting to the core issue which is space around the nerves and WOW!

    Just wanted to send a huge thank you!

    Rating :

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  2. Arthur K.

    Arthur K.

    Your inspiration encouraged me!

    Thank you for all your information & technical advice. It’s slowly coming together. My hips are getting better. I think it will take a lot more time but unbelievable results. I haven’t trained for over ten years. I bumped into your stretching programs. I loved it.

    Rating :

    Read More
  3. gerry l.

    gerry l.

    The results are AMAZING! ZERO PAIN!!

    Thank you for the programs.. I am about 6 weeks into the stretches and am virtually pain free. Also, you can see from the pictures I’m improving in my flexibility, hands up and eyes and head focused to my target. Even at 59 years old it’s possible to regain my confidence.

    Rating :

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  4. David H.

    David H.

    Keep up the good work Cris, your knowledge, passion and commitment to what you do is truly admirable.

    What you’re providing the average punter like me with, is a truely valuable resource to help us to enjoy our passion for surfing at a deeper level, and subsequently live a healthier life in the process.

    I’ve been a follower of your posts for probably 8 of the last 10 years, adopting the odd stretch or movement into my (sometimes) daily routine, and found them really beneficial. I appreciate your take on how us humans should be able to keep moving in the way we were designed to. It all makes perfect sense.

    Rating :

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  5. Michael Zazzali

    Michael Zazzali

    I have always found your information to be insightful, smart, and of course entertaining.

    I’ve been following you for the last few years. I have been surfing only 8 years and initially always looking for intelligent info on how to advance my surfing. As a physical therapist for over 27 years I’ve become critical of what info is on the internet. I realize how much useless and at times even harmful information is out there. I told all of my surf friends to check your site out and they have enjoyed learning from you.

    Rating :

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  6. Justin M. R.

    Justin M. R. (verified owner)

    A Great Teacher + Real Training + Great Platform

    Cris Mills has been focused on surf training for a long time, putting out great videos when there were none to be found anywhere. His approach is backed by workouts that really work and his teaching ensures that you can perform every action on your own and build at your own pace. Since he was first posting videos on YouTube, he has dedicated himself to these teaching and developed a great platform to manage and track your workouts, so you can progress towards great goals. I’ve used three of his programs now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Rating :

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  7. Ben C.

    Ben C. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for creating this program

    The App rocks! It’s helping me more than any physical practice, and that is translating to many things in life.
    Thank you so much for creating this program, and the App, and for the generous discount!

    Rating :

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  8. Damian G.

    Damian G. (verified owner)

    It improved my surfing technique out of the water

    The surf skate program is great and has helped me make a huge improvement on my surfing technique. It has also helped me to get my partner and kids on to a surf-skate and immediately get them going and thinking about how they need to position themselves. For me it is mostly about getting as much surfing practice in as i can when i’m away from the water – for that it has worked a treat.

    Rating :

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  9. Josh S.

    Josh S.

    To good to miss this amazing program!

    Been smashing the program and have never been as flexible as I am now absolutely frothing on it. Thanks for taking the time to put that content on the app it’s seriously changed my surfing.

    Rating :

    Read More
  10. Mindi R.

    Mindi R. (verified owner)

    So stoke! Keep inspiring.

    This is awesome, Cris! My hubby and I LOVE the app, tutorials, and updates. I use the Flow routine whenever I need to reset or have an active recovery day.

    Rating :

    Read More
  11. Joshua Keen Server

    Joshua Keen Server (verified owner)

    Perfect pop up program has been revolutionary

    The best things I’ve learned from your programs are that all of the movements you teach should be natural movements that our bodies should already know how to do. When I commit to training and get these new movements into my range of motion I notice that I’m able to move more freely. Another great moment has come from learning when to stop training if something doesn’t feel right and that “pain is not gain”! Although I get a great workout, I always feel more charged up afterwards and warmed up rather than defeated and needing a day of rest.

    Rating :

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  12. Daniel G.

    Daniel G. (verified owner)

    Change your surfing

    Comprehensive, step-by-step guide to becoming a better surfer. Changed my surfing.

    Rating :

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FREE! 3 Bonuses ($147 Value)

And who said there ain't no such thing as a free lunch? The Surf Athlete Academy is dropping free "meals" for days!

FREE Bonus #1: Breathwork Essentials
I don’t want to DROWN so I do Breath Work for Hold-downs & Confidence.

Enhancing your breath-holding ability through confidence and trust can significantly improve your surfing. Dive into the Breath Essentials program to push the boundaries of your breath control and elevate your surfing experience.

$49 Value / FREE!
FREE Bonus #2: Surf Mobility Routines
Flexibility & Fluid Surfing - 10 Minutes per day is all it takes

Are you stuck in rigid movements and constant breath-holding, lacking fluidity? Surfing thrives on seamless, fluid motion—syncing with the wave's energy. Enhance your "surf mobility" to navigate the waves with ease, moving effortlessly and adaptively.
$49 Value / FREE!
FREE Bonus #3: Surf Coaching & Technique Breakdowns
By practicing key surfing movements, you develop muscle memory for instant execution in the water, crucial for skill mastery. Beginners benefit immensely by establishing good habits early, speeding up their progression. This approach helps identify and correct the gaps between proficient and subpar surfing, enhancing overall technique.

$49 Value / FREE!
Free when you sign up today!


The Most Comprehensive Surfing Training Programs Ever Created

You’re good to go.
As soon as you get the programs you’ll realise how tremendous of a resource this truly is, and how you won’t need any other surf training programs. You can, and will, refer back to these programs for years to come. As long as you’re surfing you will be using these programs, I guarantee it.

This will change how you train and how you move your body. Ultimately it will help you with your surfing. 

These are the tools that guide your workouts, track your progress, and remove the guesswork from your workouts. Have confidence knowing you are doing the best possible workout..

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back in 7 days

Here’s the deal:

Our programs are proven to deliver results, but your effort, dedication, and consistency are key. We fully back our programs, app, and products with customer success stories and time-tested methods. Our Surf Athlete Academy offers a 7-Day Refund Guarantee—cancel or refund anytime (minus a small fee). The potential of your fitness and surfing is in your hands! What can your fitness and surfing become!?


Cris Surfing In Mentawais 2019

Cris Mills

On a daily basis I help people (predominantly surfers) improve performance, ranging from nutrition, to rehab, and sport specific training.

I know what a surfer needs to work on in order to maintain their interaction with the ocean (surfing). Not only from a personal standpoint, of being a freakish surf-addict who has an intention to keep charging, while also dealing with my own laundry list of injuries, but also having worked with countless surfers from rehab to skill development.

The intention is to keep surfing. In order to do that an individual's perspective must shift to a focus on health and longevity. Your body is the vehicle through which you interact with the ocean. Keep yourself capable, and invest in your body, it’s movement capacity, it’s joint health, and it’s durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cris Mills?
Cris is a full on frother, surf coach, massage therapist, performance coach, trainer, and Chek Practitioner. That’s a lot of titles that basically mean he has incredible insight into the human body and how it relates to surfing, and surfing better!

His professional background pulls from highly integrative approaches to health, rehab, and performance training. This has helped him to see the body, and more importantly, a surfers’ body, from a holistic and interconnected manner, whether that be nutritional, chemical, or mechanical.
Do I need any previous experience?
No matter if you’ve trained in the gym for the last decade, or never lifted a weight before, the Surf Athlete App programs are designed to help YOU improve your movement, confidence, and fitness, so you feel better in the water.
I’m an experienced surfer. Will this be useful?
Experienced surfers are in it for the long haul. If your body can’t move, you can’t surf. If you have any interest in surfing longevity you NEED to prioritise your health and fitness. The Surf Athlete App programs will give you the tools to support your surfing via improved fitness.
What is the format of the programs?
Programs in the app vary in duration and training based on the individual program. Some programs are 6 weeks, some are theory based, while others are 12 week follow along training schedules. All programs are delivered via the Surf Athlete App in an easily structured, and simple to follow format. You’ll be stoked on the training and the results.
How much time do I need to take the programs?
Some of the programs require 6, 8 or 12 weeks to finish. But you can work at your own pace, follow whichever of the programs are of interest to you, and mix and match your training based on your goals and surfing desires.
Do I need any equipment to complete the programs?
A few of the programs require some basic training equipment, while other programs require a surf skateboard, and in some programs you only need your body.

Here’s a list of equipment recommendations and the associated programs.

• Surf Athlete Training
• Perfect Pop Up
• Stretches for Surfers

This link also provides additional information.
Why Is Equipment Required?
There are basic equipment requirements for some training programs, but with these basic tools, you'll be able to train effectively for years to come.

To train efficiently in the movement patterns that carry over to surfing, applied resistance is required. Take paddling, for example, it's a pulling movement, so various forms of pulling need to be trained to develop endurance and durability.

A set of Olympic Rings, elastic resistance bands, or some light kettlebells will allow for a vast array of pulling exercises to ramp up your paddling endurance.

Much of the Rotational Core work requires either an Exercise Ball or Resistance Bands. Developing strength and power for the lower body requires the addition of resistance so a Kettlebell becomes quite beneficial.

Training with weights or resistance won't make you into a meathead or overly bulky. What it will do is help you to develop a stronger and more capable body.

If you don't have all the equipment right away, no worries. For nearly all exercises there are alternative movement options if you don't have that particular piece of equipment.
Can beginners do the program?
Yes! Absolutely!

Beginner surfers will benefit greatly from the technique programs as well as the training. The last thing you want when trying to learn to surf is a body limiting your time in the water!

For those just beginning to train and diving into fitness, no worries! All programs are easily structured, teach you all the details of exercises, and give you exercise progressions or regressions. There is also an amazing community forum to post any questions or considerations you have about any aspects of training and the app.
How is the program delivered to me?
This is a digital program you will access via the Surf Athlete App, which can be downloaded in any app store. It is intended to be used via the app on your mobile device, our web-app which you can access on your desktop or laptop, or accessed on your iPad. You'll register for the Surf Athlete App, given login information, and you can access your program whenever you want, wherever you want. 
Do you offer closed captions or subtitles?
This course comes with carefully proofread subtitles for anyone who can’t hear the audio.

If English isn’t your first language, no problemo! We are currently offer the app's content in Spanish, Portuguese and French
How to Download the Program?
There will be a download button for each video or workout that looks like an arrow pointing downwards.

Click that and the workout, or video, downloads to the "Downloads" section in the app, or web app.

To access the downloaded videos, please go to ''Profile'', then click ''Offline''. All of your downloaded videos are stored there. Deleting is easy as sliding it from right to left on your screen, which will bring up the trash bin option.

A physical file is not downloaded to your computer or phone. The download is stored within the app.

Keep in mind that if you download an entire program, that is large amount of files and data. We generally recommend that people download individual workouts, rather than entire programs at one time.

Remember, you will always have access to the programs as long as your membership is active. Think about it like Netflix, once you stop paying, you lose access.
How does the money-back guarantee work?
These programs are amazing and deliver results. Yet those results rely on YOU putting in the effort, dedication, and consistency.

We have absolute confidence in our programs, our app, and our products, as we stand behind the countless customer results, and our time tested methods.

Our Surf Athlete PRO subscription comes with a 7 Day Refund Guarantee, and at any time you can cancel, or refund your money. We are more than happy and completely willing to stand behind our guarantee and our programs, we simply leave it in your hands to apply the effort. What can your fitness and surfing become!?
Is it safe to pay by credit card online?
We use advanced encryption and security to protect your payment information. Your private data is never shared with anyone. We can’t even see your credit card details ourselves.

In case you don’t like paying by credit card online, you can also pay with your PayPal account.


A forum for those going through the journey of Surf Training. Ideal to exchange ideas and offer insights into skills, performance, movement, and general surfing thoughts and interests.

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