Surf Pain

Techniques to Help Address Pain which may be limiting your surfing.

Laws of Training, Longevity, and Health

Training, Longevity, & Health Training Longevity Health: The Laws of your body, and more importantly the process of adaptation. That’s all ¬†life is really, a process of adaptation. ¬†Ability, willingness, and assimilation of new “stuff” in life, and adapting to it. ¬†That’s health, it’s your fitness, it’s your relationships, so adhere to the laws. Laws: […]
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How To Improve Your Paddling and Posture

Florida got some damn good surf in mid-February.¬†It was the first time I‚Äôve surfed in about 2months (since getting back from Indo).¬†It was a solid 4-5foot swell hitting central Florida, super-fun, but did require a fair bit of effort, and had some heavy sweep.¬†I was pretty damned surprised at how quickly I was getting worn […]
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Eliminate Stiff Shoulders

The Stiff Shoulder – The Surf “Ruiner” Eliminate stiff shoulders: Shoulder Flexion. That’s the ability to take your shoulder overhead into a vertical position.¬†Try it. ¬†Does it grind, is it uncomfortable, is your arm totally vertical by the ear or sticking out forwards, did you have to arch your back, are you holding your breath? […]
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Top Foods To Aid Joint Pain

Foods To¬†Stop Inflammation Surfing With Joint Pain Sucks… Stop It!..¬†Help your joint pain with food! Is your chronic joint pain from inflammation? Are your chronic injuries not healing? Maybe you’re inflamed man!!!! Let’s get into foods to help joint pain. Everybody is going to deal with some joint injury at some point in life.¬†Creaky achy […]
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Surfing With Back Pain

Is Back Pain Limiting Your Surfing? Statistically, you are very likely to deal with some ‚Äúback issue‚ÄĚ or pain event at some point in your life. If you’re anything like me, the last thing you want keeping you out of some good surf are some pissed off muscles and joints.¬† It’s a terrible thing to […]
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