August 7-19, 2019

North Sumatra
Boat Trip

12 Days, on a boat, in surfing paradise…. North Sumatra, Indonesia. This is an incredible trip opportunity, that will absolutely take your surfing to the next level. At the same time, learn the fundamentals of health, longevity, nutrition, surf technique… and keep surfing your brains out!!! Every day.

Explore North Sumatra, surf incredible waves, and take your surfing to the next level.

Join Us for an awesome surf experience, enjoy world class surf, and bring your surfing to a new level of skill & Performance. 


August 7-19, 2019 aboard the Star Koat 2

Improve Your Surfing, Work with World Class Coaches, and Do It All with a Legendary Group of People in an Amazing Part of the World.  This is far more than your average surf trip.  These trips are intended to impact your surfing for years to come. 

If not now, then when? Stop putting it off. Do this for yourself. It’s a dream trip, and it’s guaranteed you’ll learn tools to apply for the rest of your life regarding surfing and your health (the two are intimately entwined).

Be open to learning.  Surf some of the best waves in the world.  Chill. Have some laughs. Improve your surfing. Get video analysis. Receive nutritional advice. In – the – water coaching daily. And surf the uncrowded waves of North Sumatra!

It’s time you do something for yourself, and your surfing! A World Class trip of a lifetime, surfing, learning, coaching, nutritional coaching, video analysis, longevity, more coaching, more surfing, and an all-around incredible experience.
Locations of Surf:
  • Hinako Islands
  • North of Nias
  • Banyaks
  • Simeulue

Full costs in USD
- Only 3900 USD -
*does not include flights






The trip of a lifetime and an insane amount of fun surf


Daily surf coaching including video analysis


Stretching and Warm-up Sessions


Nutritious Meals and Nutrition coaching


Foundation Training – created by Eric Goodman and used by athletes like Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds


Introduction into Movement Practices to improve your body and surfing


Breath Training, for meditation, and water hold-down situations


Being surrounded by inspiring people




Lots and lots of surfing


Coming away from this trip with tools to improve your life and surfing


12 Nights of All-Star Accommodation aboard the brand new Star Koat 2
1 Full Day Land-based Movement Coaching at Mercure Hotel in Padang Sumatra
Nutritious Meals – seriously, the food is top notch. I’m astounded they can make such high quality food on a boat.
Expert Surf Coaching including Video Analysis
Surfing, more surfing, and then some more surfing
Education of surfing movement, relevant stretching and strengthening protocols
Foundation Training Instruction
Nutritional Coaching – fuel your life and performance
Daily warmup and cool down Sessions
Foundation training is one of the best movement practices I’ve ever come across (Cris)
Breath Training- not only does this impact your surfing, but every aspect of health as well

Common Questions About the Trip

Is it for beginners?
No. This is Indonesia. It’s absolutely surfable at an intermediate level, but for beginners, not so much unfortunately.
Swell Size?
We expect consistent surf in the 2-4 foot range with a couple pulses of 6foot and potentially above. Perfect conditions to learn better technique… and still grab a few barrels! 
Will we be running another one any time soon?
No. I work only with the best technique coaches, so it comes down to scheduling. The earliest we may run another coaching trip will be 2020.
What do you learn?
You get coaching from myself and Clayton Nienaber (world class technique coach and surfboard shaper). Everyday is a mix of coaching, video analysis, movement training, fun, surfing, tissue release, yoga, Foundation Training, in the water coaching, more surfing, lots of food, nutritional coaching…… Better health and better surfing.

12 Days of Epic Surf
- Only 3900 USD -
All-included (except flights)



With a life intention to surf as much as possible, combined with a comprehensive background of strength & conditioning, rehabilitative exercise, massage therapy, and coaching, Cris brings a thorough understanding of how a surfer needs to be able to move. Having worked with surfers of all ages and skill levels, to get out of pain or improve their strength and performance both in the water and life, Cris has the ability to help people make long term changes to their life, health, and movement…. so they can keep surfing.


Not only is Clayton a hell of a surfer, he’s also a world renowned surfboard shaper (Clayton Surfboards) and top level coach. He has coached the South African Junior Team at the ISA Games in France, Brazil and California, and has continued to coach in Japan, South America , Canary Islands, Spain and the UK. He has worked with WCT surfers including Jordy Smith, Travis Logie and Ricky Basnett, all while continuing to be a highly respected surfboard shaper. With a unique style of coaching, a strong understanding of surfing biomechanics, and detailed video analysis, he brings an expertise to surf coaching that is unparalleled.

Twiggy Van Ryan

With over 40 years of surfing experience, 5 years coaching, and  competitive level surfing at state & national level in Australia, Twiggy brings a wealth of surfing experience an coaching ability.  And he's a true legend.   Being a grommet at heart, he's incredibly passionate about the water, surf, and the flow between the two.  Not only will he put you at ease in the surf, make you have a laugh, he'll also give you some of the most digestible coaching insight you'll receive.