THE Mentawais
For First Time Ments-Surfers

11 Days, on a boat, in surfing paradise…. The Mentawais. This is an incredible trip opportunity, that will absolutely take your surfing to the next level.  Improve your Surfing Fundamentals, Learn from Expert Coaching, and Push Your Surfing Progression… and FROTH, every day, all day.

EXPLORE the wave rich mentawais, surf-paradise.

experience incredible waves, and progress your surfing.

This is a perfect trip for intermediate surfers looking to explore progression, evolve their surfing, & be stoked. 



February 4 - February 15, 2025 aboard the Star Koat 2

Improve Your Surfing, Work with World Class Coaches, and Do It All with a Legendary Group of People in an Amazing Part of the World.  This is far more than your average surf trip.  These trips are intended to impact your surfing for years to come. 

If not now, then when? Stop putting it off. Do this for yourself. It’s a dream trip, and it’s guaranteed you’ll learn tools to apply for the rest of your life regarding surfing and your health (the two are intimately entwined).

Be open to learning.  Surf some of the best waves in the world.  Chill. Have some laughs. Improve your surfing. Get video analysis.  In–the–water surf coaching daily.  Progress your fundamentals and develop your surfing with a holistic approach.

Do this for yourself, and your surfing! A World-Class trip of a lifetime, surfing, learning, coaching, video analysis, longevity, more coaching, more surfing, and an all-around incredible experience.
Locations of Surf:
  • The Mentawais.  The exact Location Will Vary Based on Swell and Winds.  The Intent of the Trip is to Explore the Mentawais, and if swell provides, possibly the Telos... and Score Uncrowded World Class Surf. 
  • What Level of Surfer for This Trip?
  • This trip is aimed at true Intermediate Surfers and up.   What's that mean?  We'll be surfing nearly ALL reef break, ranging in size from 2-4 foot, and upwards of 6+ depending on swell.   The goal of the trip is a LOT of fun 3-5foot perfect Indonesian reef break.  You need to be comfortable on faster and more powerful waves and likely surfing more performance oriented surfboards.  You need to be water savvy and be able to read the surf.  You don't need to be a shredder, but you do need base level surf competency and a keen interest in improvement.  Reach out and we can chat about your skill level. 

Trip Cost in USD
- 5000.00 USD -
*Does NOT include flights, Ments tax, Hotel Stay for Transfers in Padang

Fill out the application below if you'd like to be added to the cancellation list.  We'll be in touch if anything opens up!

**Applicants will be required to submit surfing videos or photos to confirm their skill level and eligibility for the trip. Please be prepared to submit these via email later in the process.**

Watch this video:
Coaching Camps-Intermediate Surfers

And also this video

Boards for the Mentawais

Twiggy and I discuss the skill level of surfers who would best be suited for this type of trip.

We now require confirmation of skill level to make sure our guests can take full advantage of our trip offerings and the waves in the Mentawais.



11 Nights of All-Star Accommodation aboard the brand new Star Koat 2
Full Photo & Video package.. he'll make you look like you shred :)
Everything on the boat is included in pricing. Once you step onto the boat you're fully covered (except Mentawais surf tax).
Expert Surf Coaching on a daily basis. You will be given to the tools and instruction to improve your surfing.
Surfing, more surfing, and then some more surfing, followed by more surfing. You'll eat great food too!
Airport transfers in Padang to your hotel.
Video Analysis of your surfing, provided when and where applicable.
An incredible experience in one of the best wave-regions in the world.
Awareness of fundamental surfing technique, so you can apply your own coaching after the trip.
Pre-trip packing and travel recommendations. We'll make sure you're covered and good to go!
Pre-Trip surf trip prep training (if you want to be shred-ready).

Common Questions About the Trip

Is it for beginners?
No. This is Indonesia. It’s absolutely surfable at an intermediate level, but for beginners, not so much unfortunately.
Swell Size?
We expect consistent surf in the 2-4 foot range with a couple pulses of 6foot and potentially above. Perfect conditions to learn better technique… and maybe see a few A-Grade waves FIRING!
Will we be running another one any time soon?
No. I work only with the best technique coaches, so it comes down to scheduling. The earliest we may run another coaching trip will be 2026.
What do you learn?
You learn how to find the stoke in your surfing. How to assess your own skill & limitations, and develop a strong understanding of surfing technique. This allows you to more accurately self-coach, and progress, for years to come.

11 Days of Epic Surf
- Only 5000 USD -
*Does NOT include flights, Ments tax, Hotel Stay for Transfers in Padang


Twiggy Van Ryan

With over 40 years of surfing experience, 5 years coaching, and competitive level surfing at state & national level in Australia, Twiggy brings a wealth of surfing experience an coaching ability. And he's a true legend. Being a grommet at heart, he's incredibly passionate about the water, surf, and the flow between the two. Not only will he put you at ease in the surf, make you have a laugh, he'll also give you some of the most digestible coaching insight you'll receive.

Linton Fafie

Linton Fafie, a former competitive surfer turned elite coach, operates from Byron Bay. With experience coaching globally, including national teams like China and Taiwan, Fafie collaborates with local clubs and Surfing Australia to enhance surfers' skills. His focus on technique and performance caters to all levels, aiming to elevate every surfer's abilities.