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The easiest way to progress….  hire a coach!

My goal is to help you Improve.  Movement, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Training, Endurance Pain Relief, and your Time in the Water.

Depending on your goals, your needs, and your financial capability, here is how we can work together.

1)  Pre-Designed Surf Fitness Program :  Surf Training Success

This program covers all the bases that most surfers need to work on.  This program offers months of pre-designed training programs.  In addition to the training programs, you’ll get videos covering:  Flexibility, tissue release, shoulder health and pain relief.  Surf Training Success gives you a no non-sense approach to surfing fitness and improving your athletic capacity.   This gives you a step by step process of training and improving how you move.  This is the most financially accessible way for us to work together.    COST:  $37                                                                    Click Here to Purchase  Surf Training Success Program

2) Pick My Brain… What Do You Wanna Know Man?
Online Skype Consultation

This is the best way for me to answer your questions and give you the most beneficial and useful information that will help your issues, boost your training, or find solutions to your problems.  Recent consults have gone over a surfers training program and my recommendations for training and program organisation, a guy having consistent ankle problems and how he needs more lateral hip stability, a surfer with nagging low back tension and the variety of stretches he should do and what he should stop doing……  you get the idea.  You’ve got questions that I can help you answer.

  • You’ve Got Questions, I’ve got experience and answers, and I want To Help You and Your Surfing.
  • Do You Want Help With Your Cranky Shoulder?
  • Is Your Training Program Actually Beneficial For You?
  • Have Any Questions About Nutrition?
  • Are You Lacking Paddling Endurance and Want Some Exercises with Reps and Sets all Explained?

Whatever solutions we come up with, I’ll give you a rundown of what I recommend, all accompanying videos of stretches, exercises, or tissue release if needed, and answer any further questions you may have via email.   Email me: [email protected] and put Skype Consult in the subject heading.

COST: 100$     Email me: [email protected] and put SKYPE CONSULT in the subject heading.

Neck & Shoulder Pain Consultation…  Check out that recent consult rundown. Some of that stuff could probably help you!



This is the absolute best way for us to work together and impact your life, movement, athleticism, and health.

This is how we develop a program specific to your, your movement needs, your goals, your nutrition, and get you working on a program that guarantees results and improvement.

  This is an integrative and ongoing process to change your body, your health, and ultimately impact the way you use your body and improve your surfing capacity.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 2 Custom Training Programs – all Reps, Sets, Tempos included, and specific details of each movement. These programs will progress over time.
  • Fully Designed Stretching Program– focused on your movement limitations, improving joint durability, and overall flexibility.  You will have a new understanding of stretching.
  • Training Program Progression– our goal is to make you improve, and in order to do that we need to progress your training.  Your programs and exercises change over time, increase in difficulty, and focus on new goals.  You won’t get bored, and you will get stronger.
  • Access to Online Client Portal:  Here you download all your programs, access videos for every Exercise and Stretch Included in the Program.  PDF’s can be downloaded here as well.
  • 4 Skype Consultations- to delve into the specifics of what you truly want to achieve with your training, details of your training, movement analysis, and moving your programs along. It’s accountability man!
  • Access to my Food & Performance Program:  You’ll get access to all 5 weeks of training, webinars, pdf’s, and the process to drastically improve your understanding of food and your body.
  • Duration: 2-3 months depending on speed of progression and program adherence



[email protected]     Subject:  Online Coaching

Exercise can be massively powerful when done correctly, and unfortunately the majority of the time it is done all wrong, which leaves ample opportunity for nasty injuries, lack of progress, and stunted surfing.

We cover absolutely everything you need to improve your overall lifestyle, so that you can drastically improve your time in the ocean.

Check Out a Few Examples of Recently Designed Programs… Does your workout look like this?

Paddling Endurance Program with Full Body Strength Development

Leg Strength, Pressing Power, and Back Endurance

This is a very cool process of changing the way you look at exercise, movement, your surfing, and your nutrition.  You will come away from this with big and positive changes.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.




As a medical doctor I am very passionate about my job, so I appreciate anybody who puts their all into what they do and truly loves it. I have worked with about 10 trainers in the past few years, and I am convinced that Cris is going to be my trainer for life! Cris is the one trainer that I have had that truly listens to your needs, and tailors every workout to target the areas that are limiting or that I am concerned with. With other trainers, I was always concerned about injuries but with Cris I do not worry as he places emphasis on injury prevention. Cris explains every workout to you and let’s you know what he is trying to accomplish with each movement. The workouts are always new, interesting, and never boring. I absolutely recommend Cris to anybody who is looking for a quality trainer and willing to get their money’s worth. Cris pushes you to attain your ultimate goal without breaking you! I always look forward to our workouts, never dread them, and greatly appreciate what he has helped me to accomplish.

Dr. Gbenga Aje St. Petersburg FL

I was introduced to Cris three years ago through a recommendation of a friend who suggested he was the best suited trainer for helping me with my back injuries. When we started training, I was having severe lower back pain due to three herniated disks. Cris provided me therapeutic exercises as well as stretching protocols that alleviated my pain tremendously. This was complimented with core strengthening and overall conditioning. Cris also provided me guidance on diet and nutrition as an integrated process of strength training and back pain relief. He truly used his knowledge and soul to help me progress and build back my physical state. The mental, spiritual, and nutritional aspects of working with him have become an integral part of my life and happiness.

Tony Ulloa, Miami, FL

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