Surf Workout – 30 Minutes In The Park

SURF WORKOUT CIRCUIT– GET OUTSIDE! Get outside, get some sun, and get in a quick workout that will help your surfing and your body.  Check out the video for exercise directions. Active Warmup- loosen up joints, get your glutes active, open up your hip flexors and adductors, mobilize your thoracic spine, and get your shoulder girdle adductors working. Prisoner […]
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Are You Balanced?

Stand On One Leg And Hop Around – Single Leg Balance You surf, so you can obviously balance and maintain your equilibrium, but how efficient are you really?  Can you stand strong on a single leg?  How about producing force in a rotational movement while standing on one leg?  Can you produce strong hip contractions, […]
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To Squat, or Not To Squat? FRONT SQUAT VARIATIONS Bottom line, as a surfer, you need to have some form of a squat in your workout regiment.  The squat movement is a necessary component of the movement dynamics of a surfer.  When you are in the act of surfing, your movements are a variance of dynamic […]
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