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Bodyweight Surf Athlete 9 Weeks

Build Peak Physical Performance & Confidence

Improved Surfing through Effective Training without ever stepping foot in a gym.

  • Get Strong, Get Flexible, Move Better in the Surf

  • Move & Train like a Waterman

  • Move Fluidly, Train Powerfully, Stretch Efficiently

  • Improved Confidence, & Energised Surfing

  • Restore Your Health & Fitness

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Surf Athlete Training Program 12 Weeks

Radically Enhance Your Surfing by Improving Your Body

A 12 WEEK Follow-Along Program Designed to Enhance Your Surfing:

  • Radically Enhance Your Surfing

  • Move Fluidly, Athletically, & Powerfully

  • Prepare your body for what your surfing & the ocean demand

  • Build a stronger and more mobile body

  • Unlock Your Potential

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The Perfect Pop Up Program 6 Weeks

The Ultimate Program for Fixing & Improving Your Pop Up... For Good.

Fix, refine, rebuild, or regain your perfect pop up. Your surfing starts with your pop up, so make sure it's perfect and effortless.

  • Identify your limitations, and how to fix them for good.

  • Workouts that will improve your flexibility and strength for perfect Pop-Ups

  • Details on the fundamental techniques of a pop up.

  • Increase confidence. Get Radical results!

  • Catch more waves. Have more fun!

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Stretches For Surfers

A Flexibility Program To Help Improve The Way You Move

The Complete Flexibility Program For Surfers Improve the Way You Move, Eliminate Pain, Prevent Injury, and Move Better in the Water.

  • Learn How To Improve & Restore Dynamic Flexibility…

  • Full Body Movement Sequences Covering Every Joint, Every Muscle, and Key Movement Areas.

  • Prevent Injuries, Eliminate Pains, Aches, & Stiffness

  • Restore & Improve Your Flexibility

  • Move Better in the Water. Build Endurance, Core Strength, Shoulder Health

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Cardboard Surfer

Start Surfing With Style, Technique And Confidence

By The End Of The Program, You Won't Even Recognise Your Previous Surfing

  • Radically Improve Your Technique

  • Learn to turn stylishly, with ease and power

  • Draw speed and power from the wave

  • Gain more balance, and control

  • Develop body and mind co-ordination

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Surf Skate

Improve Your Surfing & Expands Your Understanding of the Art of Surfing.

Learn proper technique and develop body and mind co-ordination to get your board exactly where you want it to be.

  • Learn To Turn Stylishly, With Ease And Power.

  • Quickly Improve Your Surfing

  • Gain Muscle Memory

  • Break Your Bad Habits

  • Your surfing will look better

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Ocean Sports Academy

Become a Better Surfer, by Building a Better, Stronger, & Healthier Body.

Learn the tools to take control of your body, your surfing, and your health with the #1 Online Surf Training Program

  • 100+ Hours of Video Training to keep you healthy and active

  • Entire Library of Surf Training Workouts and Stretch Routines

  • More confidence, better paddling, improved flexibility, and more waves!

  • Become Stronger, More Durable & Flexible

  • Enhance Your Fitness

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Survival Apnea 6 Weeks

Master Skillful Breathing & Apnea And Step Up Your Game At Sea

Breath Work for Surfers. Be Prepared. Be Confident. Be Safe

  • Be confident in the surf

  • Improve breathing and breath holding skills

  • Increase your mental & physical capacities

  • Improve Your Health And Well Being

  • Master skillful breathing

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Get All Programs

Get All Of Our Epic Surf Programs!

The Ultimate Surf-Fit Bundle Move Better, Train Smart, Surf Fluidly

  • Bodyweight Surf Athlete Program

  • Surf Athlete Training Program

  • The Perfect Pop Up Program

  • Stretches for Surfers

  • Ocean Sports Academy

  • Cardboard Surfer

  • Surf Skate Foundations

  • Survival Apnea

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$119.90 / year
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Free Surf Training Program 2 Weeks

Improve Your Surfing, Catch More Waves, and Ultimately Have More Fun in the Surf

Become Stronger, More Durable & Flexible for Your Next Surf Session with the #1 Online Surf Training Program

  • Improve core strength, flexibility, and surfing athleticism.

  • Surf Fluidly, Powerfully, and Durably. Move Well & Surf Better

  • Improve the Way Your Body Moves.

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