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My mission is to help you improve your body so you can improve your surfing. Read below for my most recent articles covering the foundations of Surfing-Athleticism: movement, exercise, and nutrition.  Improve your body and improve your surfing.  Become stronger, more durable, and more flexible.

Surf Shoulder Exercises

Surf.. Shoulders.. Exercises.. Do em’! Paddle… hurts… Paddle… hurts… Paddle…. hurts……  You need Shoulder Clocks That is not a fun way to surf.  I’ve personally gotten so enormously pissed off at my shoulders before while surfing that if they were …Read more

What’s In My Fridge

CLEAN FRIDGE, CLEAN EATING If you’ve got junk-food in the house, it will get eaten eventually.  I can have a carton of ice cream in the freezer for about a day… it won’t last any longer because I will absolutely …Read more

FOOD – Surfing Nutrition Basics

CLEAN UP YOUR NUTRITION  The Basics of Surfer Nutrition. The field of nutrition is a MESS.  I basically view nutrition on a similar scale as that of politics, and religion.  It all seems to be convoluted, filled with mis-information, and …Read more

Top Surf Exercises – Full Body Moves

Full Body Surf Exercises – Muscle Isolation is NOT the answer Boys and Girls…  you’re surfers, you move dynamically, you need flexibility, you need to be strong, you need to be highly coordinated, but like I said at first, you …Read more

Top Foods To Aid Joint Pain

Foods To Stop Inflammation Surfing With Joint Pain Sucks… Stop It!.. Help your joint pain with food! Is your chronic joint pain from inflammation?  Are your chronic injuries not healing?  Maybe you’re inflamed man!!!!  I’m gonna tell you what not to eat, …Read more

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