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 Life Balance… Zen Balance.  Ying and Yang.  Black and White (like the cookie episode from Seinfeld).  Vegans and Pro-meat consumption.  Opposing forces…. I’m getting deep!  I view extremism of any type to be detrimental.  Religion, nutrition, training, tv-watching, poker, yoga, …Read more

Here’s To 2014

Bring on the next year of life…. Resolutions.  Stop Doing This.  Start Doing That.  It’s Going To Be Different.  I’m Going To Make A Change.  Resolutions.  This stuff does my head in, but at the same time, it’s the business …Read more

Strong Legs Strong Core SuperSet

Stronger Legs-Stronger Core-Stronger Surfing I’m all about supersets…   essentially combining exercises that focus on different muscle groups.  This is just really time effective and allows for a greater energy expenditure, so you’re not only getting a good workout and getting …Read more

Epic 2ft Surf

My Most Memorable Surf in Oz I had one of those surreal surf sessions today.  I’m not one to heavily romanticize surfing and get overly dramatic about it.  I do completely realize how absolutely fun it is, how much I enjoy …Read more

World Record Wave

That Wave Is Massive So it seems that there’s a new contender for an officially surfed world record wave.  Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara surfed what some are touting as a 90ft wave off the coast of portugal. That thing …Read more

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