Pillars of Surf Fitness & I’m on a Podcast!

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed, and be on a podcast.  My voice, and your ears… what a combination.   There’s some good stuff in there and I hope you can gleam some insight.  Please let me know what you think! The Pillars of Surf Fitness Interview with DriftingThru.com ” We all want to perform better when we […]
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Packing List: Surf Trips & Music Festivals

Packing List: Surf Trips and Music Festivals Accept the filth.  That’s got to be the motto.  And the heat, you have to accept the heat. Music festivals and feral surf trips.  There’s a lot of similarity between the two. I just recently spent 7days at bonnaroo, a big music festival in Tennessee.  It’s also in […]
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Foundations For Athletes, Humans, Surfers

MASTER THE BASICS – SQUAT, PUSH, MAINTENANCE A couple of years ago I made some videos about stretching “for surfers” and threw them up on youtube.  I wrote a few blog posts, filmed a few more videos, threw them on the internet, kept on doing it, and here I am a few years later getting […]
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The woo.  I figured it was about time I share my two cents on the woo.  I’ll get to the woo in a second, but first you’ve got to consider the internet. The internet, it’s an intensely strange thing.  It’s had an absolutely transformative impact on how humans communicate, how information is shared, framing societal […]
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My Interview with SurferLife

Surfer Life Interview – The Top Points I recently go the chance to  do an interview with Surfer Life.com.  I think it went ok, but I tend to  ramble, and go off topic, and then ramble a bit more.   As soon as I finished the interview I thought there were a few things I […]
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Boost Your Surfing Seminar – Carlsbad

IF YOU’RE IN CARLSBAD.. I HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THIS SEMINAR! Do you want to learn how to take care of your body?  Do you want to learn methods to improve the way you move?  Do you want techniques to keep yourself out of pain and help make yourself more durable?  Would you want […]
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breath training for surfers

Breath Training for Surfers

Breath Training for Surfers with B.E.T. B.E.T. – Breath Enhancement Training Nam Baldwin is a smart guy, and has so much professional experience it’s astounding. If the worlds’best surfers are learning from the guy, then I’m without a doubt going to jump on an opportunity to learn from him as well. I recently did…. and it […]
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