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Category : Thoracic Spine Mobility

The FACEPULL- Shoulder “Pre-hab”

IT AIN’T REHAB, ITS PREHAB!  THE FACEPULL In past posts, I’ve shown you guys how to start incorporating thoracic mobility into your workouts, and why it’s important.  Even if you currently have rotator cuff injuries, which just about every surfer …Read more


SIDE-LYING THORACIC ROTATION Yet again, MORE THORACIC MOBILITY!  This is a great movement, so use it!  In all seriousness, you will benefit from this, your shoulders will benefit from this, and in turn, your surfing will benefit from this.  If …Read more

SURFERS SHOULDERS part2: Thoracic Extension & Rotation

The second video in the series of  “surfers shoulders”.   If you surf, you need to work on thoracic mobility as a pre-requisite for improving your shoulders.  If you’ve got crappy shoulders, you’re not gonna have that great of a time …Read more

SURFERS SHOULDERS PART 1: Thoracic Spine Mobility

IF YOU SURF, WATCH THIS VIDEO.  Bottom line, as a surfer, your shoulders need to move well, and with the average person’s posture, shoulder mobility just isn’t going to be happening very well.  To improve shoulder mobility, you MUST first begin to …Read more

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