Thoracic Spine Mobility

Happy Surf Shoulders

Mobilize, Activate, Move… Surf Shoulders I think I’m close to a shoulder operation…. and it’s no fun. In all honesty, I’m pretty good with shoulder rehab, training, tissue work etc., but sometimes injuries are just too destructive to deal with non-surgically. I bothered my shoulder on Friday doing some heavy sprint work… (sprint work is […]
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Surfing Stretches – Full Body Flexibility

GET LOOSE AND MOVE! Surfing stretches: If you can’t move well, you sure can’t surf well. As a surfer, dynamic flexibility and ease of movement is truly important to not only surf with some style, but to stay injury free as well….. or you can just keep poo-stancing and looking rad! Seriously, as surfers, we’ve got to […]
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SIDE-LYING THORACIC MOBILITY ROTATION Yet again, MORE THORACIC MOBILITY! This is a great movement, so use it! In all seriousness, you will benefit from this, your shoulders will benefit from this, and in turn, your surfing will benefit from this. If you’re unsure why this will benefit your shoulders, check out this thoracic spine post. Watch […]
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