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Category : Thoracic Spine Mobility

Surfers Shoulders – Thoracic Spine Mobility

Thoracic Spine Mobility to Save Your Shoulders If You’re Posture is Bad, Your Shoulders Will Get Hurt Learn how to improve the way your spine moves with a few simple drills.  This will lay the foundation for a well-moving and …Read more

Happy Surf Shoulders

Mobilize, Activate, Move… Surf Shoulders I think I’m close to a shoulder operation…. and it’s no fun.  In all honesty, I’m pretty good with shoulder rehab, training, tissue work etc., but sometimes injuries are just too destructive to deal with …Read more

Surfing Stretches – Full Body Flexibility

GET LOOSE AND MOVE! If you can’t move well, you sure can’t surf well.  As a surfer, dynamic flexibility and ease of movement is truly important to not only surf with some style, but to stay injury free as well…..  or …Read more

Guide To Surf Paddle Training

THIS IS HOW YOU CAN PADDLE STRONGER AND FASTER  Here are the BEST METHODS of surf paddle training for building an upper body that can handle some heavy paddling. This original post (below) was written a few years ago.  It will give …Read more

Turn Like Tom Curren and Fix Your Shoulder

Fix Your Shoulders, Increase Spinal Rotation, Paddle Pain Free I put up blog posts in the hope that people out in internet land will read it, use it, improve their surfing, and build a stronger more mobile body.  I hope …Read more

Surfer’s Shoulders – Tissue Mobility

COMPLAINING ABOUT SORE SHOULDERS?  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  FOAM ROLL AND STRETCH! If your shoulders are aching, your water-time is going to be limited.  Check out that pic of Juilian Wilson.  Very dynamic shoulder movements going on there, and the …Read more


HOW WELL DO YOUR SHOULDERS PADDLE?   STRENGTHEN & STRETCH THEM PROPERLY You complaining about sore shoulders? What are doing about it? Are you still doing dumbell front raises, high rows, or bench presses?  If you are, you are just wrecking …Read more

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