Surfing Exercises

Movements, Stretches, and Exercises that develop Surfing Athleticism

How To Improve Your Surf Fitness Training

It’s not just standing on wobble boards. What “surf fitness training” means to me is taking a realistic look at the movement requirements of the sport, and then taking an honest appraisal at your own strengths and weaknesses. Then it comes down to filling the gaps with smart and efficiently applied training. Here’s some higher […]
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Top Exercises to Improve Surfing Athleticism and Performance

“Top” lists are always a small act of futility. There is so much variability in the human body, and a countless variety of surfing exercises,  it is grossly difficult to pull out some singular exercises and call them the best. The key with smart training is tailoring exercises to the individual, their goals, and their capabilities. This […]
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Pro vs. Joe Surf Fitness Program

You are Not a Pro. Surf fitness program:, Most of us aren’t top level athletes. (some tend to think we are though… still living the dreams!) Don’t train like a pro, but train similarly. Smart regression. Here’s how. Two variations of surf fitness programs. Athletic Capacity.  That’s the goal. To increase your bodies capacity for speed, power, strength, […]
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Top 3 Warm – Up Drills

Surfing Athlete Warmup Drills Surfers warmup: You gotta get your body moving. Most surfers spend most of their time behind desks, in front of computers, or in front of the TV… sedentary bodies don’t cooperate with surfing. So before you head out for a wave, spend 2minutes doing some actually beneficial warmup drills to loosen […]
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Shoulder Radness..Surfing Shoulder Training

Surf Shoulders… Keep em’ Strong. Clearly, if your shoulders aren’t moving well, cause you pain, or are out of optimal alignment, then your surfing is going to be a pain in the shoulder!! (hahaha… get it, “pain in the shoulder”, rather than “pain in the ass”… I’m so clever and witty). Surfing Shoulder Training… here’s my […]
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TRX Surf Workout – Suspension Trainer

TRX Surf Workout – Get Some Straps How Absurd Is This Picture Oooooooohhhhh!!! Workout straps. Suspension training is all the rage in some training facilities, with some people doing some damn silly stuff on them. But in all seriousness, get some workout straps, they’re great for those of you that travel, and it’s always nice to […]
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