Surf Warm Up

Surfing is dynamic and 3-Dimensional. Prepare your body to surf fluildy and powerfully.

Dynamic Surfer Stretches – Full Warmup

A Full Sequence of Mobility Dills & Dynamic Surfer Stretches. It’ll Help You Move Fluidly. Movement: Dynamic flexibility, the capacity to be mobile through joints, and to move with ease, control, and strength. It’s pretty relevant to this whole surfing thing we take part in. It’s not going to suddenly make you rip, but it’s a […]
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Top 3 Warm – Up Drills

Surfing Athlete Warmup Drills You gotta get your body moving. Most surfers spend most of their time behind desks, in front of computers, or in front of the TV… sedentary bodies don’t cooperate with surfing. So before you head out for a wave, spend 2minutes doing some actually beneficial warmup drills to loosen tight tissue, get […]
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Surfing Shoulder Warmup

Surfing Shoulder Warmup For That Heavy Paddle-out How Well do you Warmup Your Shoulders? Just a few arm swings? WOW, you’re really getting those intrinsic scapular and shoulder stabilizers warmed up…getting your thoracic spine mobilized, cervical range of motion increased, activating your triceps and serratus anterior……really getting primed for that 200meter paddleout… That’s sarcasm, hopefully you picked […]
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