Surf Technique


How To Read Waves

How To Read Waves, Catch More Waves, and Have More Shred Time Surfing, at its true essence, is a body of energy (our human electric body), interacting with a moving wave of energy being dispersed through a liquid medium. Meditate on that for a few minutes. Atoms of vibrating energy, interacting with one another to […]
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the perfect surf stance

The Perfect Surf Stance

*What is the perfect surf stance? One aspect that can be easily agreed upon is the fact it is NOT the dreaded poo man or poo wo-man stance. But why is that? What makes the unfortunately common poo-man stance, which plagues the beginner and intermediate realm of surfers, so drastically inefficient? And why is it […]
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How To Catch More Waves at New Surf Spots

Read the Waves, Learn the Lineup, and Position Yourself to Catch More Waves New surf spots can be a daunting experience, but they don’t have to be. Wanna learn how to catch more waves? With a bit of good surf etiquette, wave knowledge, ocean awareness, and taking into account the politics and pecking order of […]
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How To Surf Bigger Waves

How To Surf Bigger Waves & Conquer Fear Bigger & More Challenging Surf… If you want to expand your comfort zones, this is how to surf bigger waves and take on the challenge. I want to share with you what I find to be the critical process of surfing bigger and heavier waves and conquering […]
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3 Pro Hacks for Catching More Waves

Tips to Help You Catch More Waves… More Waves, More Fun, More Surfing An hour long surf session and just one wave… let’s give you some hacks for catching more waves. Because just one wave, that’s frustration! That’s not surfing, that’s floating, and perhaps 10 seconds of “surfing”. That much floating and that little surfing, […]
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How to Surf Better: Episode 2

How To Surf Better Learn how to surf better: We’re back! The legends, me and Twiggy, are back talking shit, answering questions, and blabbering about surfing. Speaking of Surf Coaching Trips, go have a look at what we’ve got coming up, and join us! Surf Coaching Trips Keep an eye out for Episode 3 of […]
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How To Surf Better: Episode 1

How To Surf Better How To Improve Your Surfing: The endless ladder of surfing skill acquisition, it’s quite a climb!  We all want to improve upon how we interact with that beautiful energy of the ocean. Myself and Twiggy Van Ryan, a good buddy of mine and one of the coaches on our Surf Coaching […]
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Boost Your Surfing Seminar – Carlsbad

IF YOU’RE IN CARLSBAD.. I HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THIS SEMINAR! Do you want to learn how to take care of your body? You want to learn methods to improve the way you move? Do you want techniques to keep yourself out of pain and help make yourself more durable? Would you want to […]
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