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Top Foods To Aid Joint Pain

Foods To Stop Inflammation Surfing With Joint Pain Sucks… Stop It!.. Help your joint pain with food! Is your chronic joint pain from inflammation?  Are your chronic injuries not healing?  Maybe you’re inflamed man!!!!  I’m gonna tell you what not to eat, and what to eat, so you can start managing your chronic inflammation, get some joint pain […]
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Eat Surf Sleep Travel

How To Eat Well and Surf-Travel So I’m only about a week in to the big trip to Australia.  I’m currently staying with a friend and his family in Sydney, and have the luxury of a great house to stay in and a fully stocked kitchen…..  which I’m hugely grateful for.  But with all the traveling, hostels, crappy kitchens, […]
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THE SURF SHAKE – GUIDE TO HEALTHY PROTEIN SHAKES    If you’re a surfer who understands that you can help your performance by ingesting better quality foods, and really want to make an impact on your health and energy in the water, then keep reading and see how you can easily make your own healthy […]
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Pre-Surf Breakfast – Not Cereal!

GIVE YOUR BODY SOME BREAKFAST IT CAN USE That was my breakfast this morning: eggs, paleo pancakes with molasses and almond butter, and a RAW milk papaya/blueberry shake. What’s your pre-surf breakfast?  Is it actually some nutritious food, or are you putting something into your body that is robbing it of energy, creating inflammation,  and screwing up […]
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GET YOUR AS* IN THE KITCHEN:   CURRY If you have any bit of interest in eating well, which you should to keep yourself healthy and surfing often, then you’ve got to get in the kitchen and do some cooking.  And if you’re doing some cooking, and trying to eat well, and especially trying to eat some damn […]
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PALEO PANCAKES, AND SOME NOT QUITE PALEO PANCAKES There’s something about americans and pancakes.  We love them, I know I sure as hell do.  But when you take a look at what the average american pancake is made from, it’s basically garbage.  Absolutely non-healthy ingredients, all helping you get on track to be an overweight […]
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EAT YOUR BREAKFAST As I’ve stated before, I love food, and breakfast has got to be my preferred meal of the day.  I wake up hungry, and immediately start cooking up something.  So today, it was organic bacon, plantains, tomatoes, and organic eggs, cooked in coconut oil.  A serious plate of food, and damn good.  Lots […]
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Pot Of Deliciousness – TURKEY LEGS

CHEAP GIANT POT OF HEALTHY STUFF What I deem to be one of the primary foundations for your  overall health, wellness, energy, mental clarity, and life force, is the food you put into your body.  Healthy, high quality food = a healthy, vital person.  So when you can have some high quality food, that is not […]
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ORGANIC CAULIFLOWER: ROASTED/CURRIED….  $3.50 CHEAP!!! This is a seriously GOOD  recipe.   I hated cauliflower…for damn near my whole life, but finally gave this a go, and now eat it about once a week.  It’s CHEAP, even the organic variety, and EASY to make.   Cauliflower: member of the cabbage family; contains indoles (potential cancer fighters), contains […]
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