Surf Balance

With surf balance, you improve the ability to maintain your center of gravity over an unstable surface.

Strong Legs Strong Core SuperSet

Stronger Legs-Stronger Core-Stronger Surfing I’m all about supersets… essentially combining exercises that focus on different muscle groups. This is just really time effective and allows for a greater energy expenditure, so you’re not only getting a good workout and getting ripppppeeeddddd, but also building some endurance.  Saving time, getting in quality movement training, improving your strength […]
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Balance and Core Superset

2 Movements… You Should Do Them! Some essential basics for being able to surf are a functionally strong and pain free core, and the ability to balance on an unstable surface. So train to get better at those physical requirements!! You may be asking “How!?!?!” Well, you need a foam roller, or an indo board, and a stability […]
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How To Surf With Bad Knees

Those Creaky Cranky Clicking Knees Your knees can take a beating in the surf. Just the other day one of my first frontside turns made knee feel a bit “weird”… previous injury kind of letting me know it was still around. Your knees, when misbehaving can have a really negative impact on your surf. Think […]
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Surf Exercise: Single Leg Training

Develop a STRONG CORE, and INJURY RESISTANCE Any well designed surf training programs or surf exercise programs must include some single leg work. As a surfer, this is paramount to becoming exceptionally strong, developing core stability, training foot/ankle strength, and keeping your knees in good shape. I was working with a client this week who’s been dealing with some knee […]
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Surf Training – Circuits

Fast, Efficient, Stronger Surf Bodies Surf Training, Surf Circuit training………….. a good workout in a short amount of time. Piece together some surf exercises that focus on the relevant movements we as surfers need to be strong and powerful, and get to work. Develop strength, endurance, and give those lungs and heart of yours a solid workout. This […]
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