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How To Train Your Hips

Hip Training- The Best Surf Specific Exercises It’s all in the hips baby!!!!  Move em’! The hips are one of those joint complexes, that as a surfer, at some point some pain or injury will come along.  So get ahead of …Read more

Fix Your Aches

Deal With Your Aches, Before They Ruin Your Surf I personally have several joint/pain issues going on, and if I don’t constantly work on them, and try to strengthen the surrounding muscles and tissues, those problems get severely pissed in the surf.  Just …Read more

Surf Workout Program

How Are You Surf Training? Is your workout benefitting your body?  Are your surf workouts benefitting your surfing? Implement movements that will strengthen your body for the movements necessary in surfing.  Utilize surf exercises that will strengthen your areas of weakness …Read more

Ankle Mobility – A Starting Point

SAVE YOUR KNEES, MOBILIZE YOUR ANKLES!   Rasta, pulling off a pretty serious bottom turn.  I want you to focus on the rear foot, especially the angle of the lower leg, or the amount of dorsiflexion at the ankle.  What the …Read more

Cheap Massage: Help Your Surfing

GET YOUR ROLL ON! Guide To Foam Rolling   IMPROVE TISSUE QUALITY, RESTORE RANGE OF MOTION, WORK ON INJURY PREVENTION… HELP YOURSELF! AND HELP YOUR SURFING! As a surfer you’ve got to be flexible, and your joints require proper amounts …Read more

Lunge so you can surf better!

DISCOVER HOW TO LUNGE YOUR WAY TO BETTER PERFORMANCE!!!! Are you sitting at a desk for the majority of your day? Are you exercising, stretching, or working on mobility to improve the time that you do actually get to spend …Read more

Surfer’s Shoulders – Tissue Mobility

COMPLAINING ABOUT SORE SHOULDERS?  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  FOAM ROLL AND STRETCH! If your shoulders are aching, your water-time is going to be limited.  Check out that pic of Juilian Wilson.  Very dynamic shoulder movements going on there, and the …Read more

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