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Category : Stretches/Mobility

My Top Back Pain Relief Tricks

Back Pain Sucks and Ruins Surfing I’ve had some gnarly stuff with my back over the years, and I see some gnarly back stuff with clients.  Back pain and surfing don’t mix.  There is so much dynamic spinal movement in …Read more

Surf Stretches – Hip Mobility

Surf Stretches – Hip Mobility – The Do’s & Don’ts Mobilise your hips, and it will make your knees and lower back more durable.  Those are good things, especially if you want to surf into your 60’s, 70’s, and really …Read more

Get Rid of Knee Pain

If your Knee Hurts… Your Surfing Hurts What this article will not be is an anatomy lesson.  What it will be is a few simple things for you to start doing if you’ve got some knee funk…. cause knee funk …Read more

Cable Machine Circuit Workout – Surf Training

Full Body Surf Training – Complete Workout  I’ve said this before, and will once again reiterate.  The human body is designed to move. Run, swing your arms, spin, jump, bend…. movement.  These actions require interactions of muscles throughout your body, …Read more

Surf Moms – Warmup & Exercise

Surfing Mums Yeah, I realise that it’s spelled with an “o”, but that’s how they spell it!  Last week I gave a talk to a group of surf mommas from Dee Why.  They’ve got a great group of ladies still …Read more

Happy Surf Shoulders

Mobilize, Activate, Move… Surf Shoulders I think I’m close to a shoulder operation…. and it’s no fun.  In all honesty, I’m pretty good with shoulder rehab, training, tissue work etc., but sometimes injuries are just too destructive to deal with …Read more

Surf Shoulder Exercises

Surf.. Shoulders.. Exercises.. Do em’! Paddle… hurts… Paddle… hurts… Paddle…. hurts……  You need Shoulder Clocks That is not a fun way to surf.  I’ve personally gotten so enormously pissed off at my shoulders before while surfing that if they were …Read more

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