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Category : Single Leg Work

Surf Training – Circuits

Fast, Efficient, Stronger Surf Bodies Surf Training, Surf Circuit training…………..   a good workout in a short amount of time.  Piece together some surf  exercises that focus on the relevant movements we as surfers need to be strong and powerful, and …Read more


Stronger Legs WILL Improve Your Surfing Here’s a quick video for you guys.  Two great movements, one advanced, one for beginners, to really improve not only your strength, but your stability as well.  These would be great additions to the …Read more

Ankle Mobility – A Starting Point

SAVE YOUR KNEES, MOBILIZE YOUR ANKLES!   Rasta, pulling off a pretty serious bottom turn.  I want you to focus on the rear foot, especially the angle of the lower leg, or the amount of dorsiflexion at the ankle.  What the …Read more

Lunge so you can surf better!

DISCOVER HOW TO LUNGE YOUR WAY TO BETTER PERFORMANCE!!!! Are you sitting at a desk for the majority of your day? Are you exercising, stretching, or working on mobility to improve the time that you do actually get to spend …Read more

Are You Balanced?

Stand On One Leg And Hop Around – Single Leg Balance You surf, so you can obviously balance and maintain your equilibrium, but how efficient are you really?  Can you stand strong on a single leg?  How about producing force …Read more


YOU NEED TO PRACTICE SINGLE LEG WORK!!   As a surfer, you need to be working on stability, strength, power, balance, and proprioception, all on a single leg!  Squats are great, but think for a minute about your legs on a surfboard.  …Read more

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