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Category : Shoulder Health

Exercises To Duck Dive

Upper Body Duck Dive Training & Exercises Surfing.  Its one of those skills that to really improve upon, you just gotta spend time in the water. Practice, practice, practice. BUT, you can do a lot out of the water with …Read more

Fix Your Aches

Deal With Your Aches, Before They Ruin Your Surf I personally have several joint/pain issues going on, and if I don’t constantly work on them, and try to strengthen the surrounding muscles and tissues, those problems get severely pissed in the surf.  Just …Read more

Surf Training – Paddle Workout

 PADDLE LONGER, HARDER, FASTER How much would your surfing benefit if you could paddle for longer times without fatigue or a need for rest.  Couldn’t you catch some more waves if you had more powerful strokes, and stronger strokes? How …Read more

Surfer Core Strength-Must Do Move

RENEGADE ROWS What movements are in your Surf Training workouts?  Do you even include movements that are surf movement specific, or surf exercises that are going to help you build a more efficient body?  Get rid of the fluff in …Read more

Surfer’s Perfect Pushup – Progressions

SOME FANCY PUSHUPS   Surfers Perfect Pushups – Progressions: All surfers can benefit from working on pushups, from increasing your core strength to improving stability of your shoulder girdle.  It’s a great exercise with a lot of potential, IF you …Read more

Can You Breathe?- Proper Breathing Will Help Everything!

CATCH YOUR BREATH!! Improper breathing will wreck your shoulder girdle, induce fatigue while paddling out, and set off a chain of potential negative events.  These are all things you don’t want!  So train yourself to 1) Breathe properly – diaphragmatically  2) learn how to …Read more

Surfer’s Shoulders – Tissue Mobility

COMPLAINING ABOUT SORE SHOULDERS?  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  FOAM ROLL AND STRETCH! If your shoulders are aching, your water-time is going to be limited.  Check out that pic of Juilian Wilson.  Very dynamic shoulder movements going on there, and the …Read more

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