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How To Design Surf Training Programs

Surf Training Programs – How You Can Build Surf Workouts That’s Hunter Joslin in that pic, inventor of the indo board…………  Those balance boards are wicked.  Get one! I want to address a question that has been coming up pretty …Read more

Turn Like Tom Curren and Fix Your Shoulder

Fix Your Shoulders, Increase Spinal Rotation, Paddle Pain Free I put up blog posts in the hope that people out in internet land will read it, use it, improve their surfing, and build a stronger more mobile body.  I hope …Read more

Surfing- You Couldn’t Keep Paddling?

I Couldn’t Paddle Anymore I was surfing a really good beach break today.  There were a few banks running several 100 yards down the beach, but the current was pushing so hard it made for a lot of paddling.  Endless …Read more

Surf Training – Paddle Workout

 PADDLE LONGER, HARDER, FASTER How much would your surfing benefit if you could paddle for longer times without fatigue or a need for rest.  Couldn’t you catch some more waves if you had more powerful strokes, and stronger strokes? How …Read more


HOW WELL DO YOUR SHOULDERS PADDLE?   STRENGTHEN & STRETCH THEM PROPERLY You complaining about sore shoulders? What are doing about it? Are you still doing dumbell front raises, high rows, or bench presses?  If you are, you are just wrecking …Read more

The FACEPULL- Shoulder “Pre-hab”

IT AIN’T REHAB, ITS PREHAB!  THE FACEPULL In past posts, I’ve shown you guys how to start incorporating thoracic mobility into your workouts, and why it’s important.  Even if you currently have rotator cuff injuries, which just about every surfer …Read more


BAD POSTURES=BAD SHOULDERS OPEN UP YOUR SHOULDERS—–STRETCH!!! Kyphotic posture…  check out the picture, the image on the right is a pretty severe thoracic spine kyphosis, and unfortunately damn near your average american.  As I’ve discussed in a previous post, surfer’s shoulders, this posture will …Read more

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