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Surfing Breath Training – Hold Downs

Surfing Breath Training – Hold Downs Training for Surfers to Breathe Better…It’s Important….   Breathe. Your life depends on it. Literally. This rings especially true for surfers. If you’ve ever been in a hold-down situation, you know the fear, the anxiety, …Read more

Upper Body Surfing Workout

Injuries, Lack of Endurance, and Lack of Flexibility. That’s probably what I hear about the most from people, or what I see as the general bigger issues.  With this video and post, we’ll tackle the lack of endurance.  Be sure …Read more

How To Improve Your Paddling and Posture

Florida got some damn good surf in mid-february.  It was the first time I’ve surfed in about 2months (since getting back from Indo).  It was a solid 4-5foot swell hitting central Florida, super-fun, but did require a fair bit of …Read more

What I Learned from 6 Weeks in Indo

I GOT SURFED OUT!!  I actually got surfed out!  First time that has ever happened to me.  I’ve heard of this rare  occurrence before from some fellas that had driven through mexico, but hadn’t come across it first hand. It …Read more

Surf Paddling Workout- Endurance

Surf Paddling Workout-Endurance We’ve all had that feeling at one point, when all you can see is whitewater and oncoming sets, and your arms feel like they can’t move, you’re trying to paddle but you don’t seem to be progressing …Read more

Top 3 Warm-Up Drills

Surfing Athlete Warmup Drills You gotta get your body moving.  Most surfers spend most of their time behind desks, in front of computers, or in front of the TV…  sedentary bodies don’t cooperate with surfing.  So before you head out …Read more

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