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Category : Lower Body

How To Train Your Hips

Hip Training- The Best Surf Specific Exercises It’s all in the hips baby!!!!  Move em’! The hips are one of those joint complexes, that as a surfer, at some point some pain or injury will come along.  So get ahead of …Read more

How To Surf With Bad Knees

Those Creaky Cranky Clicking Knees Your knees can take a beating in the surf. Just the other day one of my first frontside turns made knee feel a bit “weird”… previous injury kind of letting me know it was still …Read more


 SURF WORKOUTS-How To Train for Explosive Power UPHILL SPRINTS To really boost your surf training and surf workouts, have the strength to catch more waves,and simply start ripping (moreso than your current state of ripping) , implement movements and exercise …Read more

Fix Your Aches

Deal With Your Aches, Before They Ruin Your Surf I personally have several joint/pain issues going on, and if I don’t constantly work on them, and try to strengthen the surrounding muscles and tissues, those problems get severely pissed in the surf.  Just …Read more

Surf Training – Surf Workouts

What Is Surf Training? The athletic demands of surfing are vast…..  it takes huge amounts of skill to pull off what the pros do.  It even takes a hell of a lot of skill to pull of what some kooks do!   Balance, …Read more

Surf Exercise: Single Leg Training

 Develop a STRONG CORE, and INJURY RESISTANCE Any well designed surf training programs or surf exercise programs must include some single leg work.  As a surfer, this is paramount to becoming exceptionally strong, developing core stability, training foot/ankle strength, and keeping your knees in …Read more


Stronger Legs WILL Improve Your Surfing Here’s a quick video for you guys.  Two great movements, one advanced, one for beginners, to really improve not only your strength, but your stability as well.  These would be great additions to the …Read more

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