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PALEO PANCAKES, AND SOME NOT QUITE PALEO PANCAKES There’s something about americans and pancakes.  We love them, I know I sure as hell do.  But when you take a look at what the average american pancake is made from, it’s …Read more


EAT YOUR BREAKFAST As I’ve stated before, I love food, and breakfast has got to be my preferred meal of the day.  I wake up hungry, and immediately start cooking up something.  So today, it was organic bacon, plantains, tomatoes, …Read more

Pot Of Deliciousness – TURKEY LEGS

CHEAP GIANT POT OF HEALTHY STUFF What I deem to be one of the primary foundations for your  overall health, wellness, energy, mental clarity, and life force, is the food you put into your body.  Healthy, high quality food = a …Read more


$20 on fast food garbage..NOPE, $20 of REAL FOOD I value my health, and body, so I spend money on my health and body.  I heard a recent stat that the average american spends 4% to 9.8% of income on …Read more


ORGANIC CAULIFLOWER: ROASTED/CURRIED….  $3.50 CHEAP!!! This is a seriously GOOD  recipe.   I hated cauliflower…for damn near my whole life, but finally gave this a go, and now eat it about once a week.  It’s CHEAP, even the organic variety, and EASY …Read more

I “f”-ing LOVE breakfast!

Seriously, by far, without a shadow of a doubt, breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day.  Anyone that knows me closely, instantly realizes how seriously I take food.  Why people don’t take seriously the foods with which they …Read more


  WHAT’S IN YOUR GROCERY BAG? I’m often asked what I eat on a daily basis.  So today, I stopped at the store, just for some eggs.  As usual, I can’t walk out of the grocery store without buying a …Read more

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