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FOOD – Surfing Nutrition Basics

CLEAN UP YOUR NUTRITION  The Basics of Surfer Nutrition. The field of nutrition is a MESS.  I basically view nutrition on a similar scale as that of politics, and religion.  It all seems to be convoluted, filled with mis-information, and …Read more

Top Foods To Aid Joint Pain

Foods To Stop Inflammation Surfing With Joint Pain Sucks… Stop It!.. Help your joint pain with food! Is your chronic joint pain from inflammation?  Are your chronic injuries not healing?  Maybe you’re inflamed man!!!!  I’m gonna tell you what not to eat, …Read more

Oh My God You’re a Paleo-freak

The Paleo Diet.. What The Hell Is It? Do you even know what paleo really means? This whole blog post got started because I decided to get into a paleo diet discussion on facebook…. that turned out to be about as …Read more

Healthy Surf Snacks

Surf Snack Ideas.. Good Food Quick snacks, easy to make, higher protein content… and not much garbage. When most people think of a snack, they usually end up considering something made with processed flours, added sugars, food coloring, and  little …Read more

Surf, Workout, or Rest

 Smash Out Gym Time, Surf Your Ass Off, or Get Zen? Primary Rule:  If there is surf……..  then get your ass in the water and surf! To progress at this completely awesome sport/lifestyle.. surfing.. you’ve essentially got to be pretty …Read more

Eat Surf Sleep Travel

How To Eat Well and Surf-Travel So I’m only about a week in to the big trip to Australia.  I’m currently staying with a friend and his family in Sydney, and have the luxury of a great house to stay in and a …Read more


COCONUT OIL You’re a surfer, therefore you’re an athlete, and you need your body to be at its best.  You should have some interest in nutrition if you’re aiming to keep up your performance in the water.  A critical piece …Read more

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