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THE SURF SHAKE – GUIDE TO HEALTHY PROTEIN SHAKES    If you’re a surfer who understands that you can help your performance by ingesting better quality foods, and really want to make an impact on your health and energy in …Read more

Surfer Nutrition – Little Changes Big Impacts

Quickly & Easily Improve Your Health & Nutrition Here’s some easy, but relevant aspects to your nutrition, that Mr. or Mrs. Average should apply.  This stuff is fundamental.  There’s a lot of extremism, and fad-dominance in the food-world of social …Read more

Foundations of Nutrition for Surfing Athletes

 The Foundations of Nutrition for Surfing Athletes What You Need to Know to Make a Beneficial Impact on Your Nutrition. The field of nutrition is a mess.  I basically view nutrition on a similar scale as that of politics, and …Read more

Surfer Nutrition – Most Nutrient Dense Foods

Surfer Nutrition – Most Nutrient Dense Foods- Get Them Into Your Diet! I strongly urge my clients, my family, and all of you reading this to consider the food you choose to put into your body.  In this article you’ll …Read more

Surfer Nutrition – Fruit Smoothies

The Good & Bad of Fruit Smoothies… Surfer Nutrition I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, right now….  nutrition, the field of nutrition, the books on nutrition…  it’s a mess.  Too many people caught up in the latest …Read more

Easy Breakfast Goodness

3 Ingredient Pancakes If you’ve been reading my stuff, following the blog, checking out facebook posts, you realise I’m an advocate of eating real food.  I firmly believe that the food you put into your mouth is one of the …Read more

What’s In My Fridge

CLEAN FRIDGE, CLEAN EATING If you’ve got junk-food in the house, it will get eaten eventually.  I can have a carton of ice cream in the freezer for about a day… it won’t last any longer because I will absolutely …Read more

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