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WEAK!! What’s limiting your surfing?

FIGURE OUT WHAT’S WEAK,  AND MAKE IT STRONGER! Next time you are in the water for an extended period of time, give some thought as to what parts of your body are troubling you.  What areas are weak or hurting?  …Read more


Stronger Legs WILL Improve Your Surfing Here’s a quick video for you guys.  Two great movements, one advanced, one for beginners, to really improve not only your strength, but your stability as well.  These would be great additions to the …Read more


MY SURF WORKOUT I thought you guys may enjoy seeing what I’ve been working on lately.  This is a variation of what i’ve been into for the last few weeks. I’ve got some specific issues I’ve been working with regard …Read more

Lunge so you can surf better!

DISCOVER HOW TO LUNGE YOUR WAY TO BETTER PERFORMANCE!!!! Are you sitting at a desk for the majority of your day? Are you exercising, stretching, or working on mobility to improve the time that you do actually get to spend …Read more

Are You Balanced?

Stand On One Leg And Hop Around – Single Leg Balance You surf, so you can obviously balance and maintain your equilibrium, but how efficient are you really?  Can you stand strong on a single leg?  How about producing force …Read more


DROP AND GIVE ME 20, BUT THEY HAD BETTER BE DAMN GOOD PUSHUPS. Surfers Perfect Pushups!  Men ususally love them, hell, it just feels tough banging out a bunch of pushups.  Women usually stray away from them, which they really shouldn’t… …Read more


To Squat, or Not To Squat? FRONT SQUAT VARIATIONS Bottom line, as a surfer, you need to have some form of a squat in your workout regiment.  The squat movement is a necessary component of the movement dynamics of a …Read more

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