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Surf Training – Circuits

Fast, Efficient, Stronger Surf Bodies Surf Training, Surf Circuit training…………..   a good workout in a short amount of time.  Piece together some surf  exercises that focus on the relevant movements we as surfers need to be strong and powerful, and …Read more

Surf Workout Program

How Are You Surf Training? Is your workout benefitting your body?  Are your surf workouts benefitting your surfing? Implement movements that will strengthen your body for the movements necessary in surfing.  Utilize surf exercises that will strengthen your areas of weakness …Read more

Surf Workout – 30 Minutes In The Park

SURF WORKOUT CIRCUIT– GET OUTSIDE! Get outside, get some sun, and get in a quick workout that will help your surfing and your body.  Check out the video for exercise directions. Active Warmup- loosen up joints, get your glutes active, open up your …Read more

Surf Exercise – How To Train Your Core

Part 2 – Rotational Exercise “CORE STRENGTH!!!!”  I hear this all the time, and see ab gimmicks, and people wasting their time with countless crunches.  You’re a surfer!  Train your body to become strong at surfing! Train your abdominals/ core …Read more

Best Surfer Core Exercise

CORE EXERCISE FOR SURFERS I want to show you one of the best surfer core exercises……   but first a small amount of preaching.   “Core” is a word that gets way too much abuse in the fitness industry, and proper ways to …Read more


CORE STRENGTH FOR THE SURFER Part 1.  You’ve Got To Be Stable Do you want to throw down some heavy turns and powerful cutbacks?  Well how strong is your core?  The rotational power and strength needed for throwing out buckets …Read more

Surfer’s Perfect Pushup – Progressions

SOME FANCY PUSHUPS   Surfers Perfect Pushups – Progressions: All surfers can benefit from working on pushups, from increasing your core strength to improving stability of your shoulder girdle.  It’s a great exercise with a lot of potential, IF you …Read more

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